Tranxition – Rapid and Flawless PC Migration

PC migration is an urgent need in the case of cross-version migration of the same operating system, domain change, consolidation or acquisition of any business. The performance of any PC migration tool is gauged against its transfer time, efficiency, and features. In the time when such tools are abundant, Tranxition has a separate identity. Tranxition PC migration tools and services are known for their flawless and ultra-fast migration. It is the uniqueness of Tranxition services that let it featured in multiple magazines and publications such as PC Magazine and Forbes.


Migration Manager

Tranxition Migration Manager is not only the chief product of Tranxition, but a source of its discrete identity too. Tranxition Migration Manager can capture user’s settings, files, personalization preferences, and other files. Irrespective of the concerned system’s version, it migrates these captured files to the subjected system. According to the customer reviews, with TMM migration task of five hours is done only in forty-two minutes along with the errorless migration. Not only it supports cross-version operating system-based migration, but it also offers in-application migration, such as MS Office.

PC MigrationStick

MigrationStick is the same Migration Manager tool but in a more compact size and easier to handle casing. Just like any other flash drive, it offers cross-version as well as intra-operating system PC migration with more reliability and speed, thereby offering plug and play features. Depending on the data volume,

During the COVID-19 crisis with employees in companies that are working from home, it becomes all the more important to execute migrations.

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