Can We Play WMV Video Files On Mac Using Quick Time Play?

When we try to play WMV files with the help of Quick Time Play, you will receive an error box that says like the file is not supported or something like that.

Quick Time Player is not able to open WMV file just because they are encoded in Microsoft propriety Codes and they can get accessed on only windows-based applications and devices. WMV files can be accessed by the window devices and applications, but it can’t be played on Mc ecosystem.

It is good to know that WMV files can be supported by Quick Time Player but we have to follow certain steps. We need to convert WMV with other compatible formats of Quick Time Player like MOV, Mp4, m4V, etc.


There is one more important feature of this program and that is the function of editing. With this feature, users will be able to crop, trim, add subtitle, add watermark, etc. to their files. There are some of the pretty important conversion tools where video converter is pretty significant. It is powerful and easy to use by the users. It can accept any video file and can convert audio files and extract their soundtrack so that it can be saved as a single audio file. You need to get the correct version for installation on your Mac or PC.

Here are some of the following steps which you are supposed to follow with which you will be able to convert WMV files in Mac and PC, as the operation is the same on both platforms.

Step 1: Import WMV file source

First of all, you are supposed to choose the ‘add file’ button and locate the WMV videos which you are trying to convert for usage in Quick Time. You can also use the drag and drop feature to execute the process.

Step 2: Select the Quick Time file type as output format

On the lower left place of the interface, click on the ‘profile’ drop-down menu. You will find the opening panel where you have to select the output format you would like MOV, MP4, M4V, etc. under the “General Video” category.

Step 3: Start converting WMV to Quick Time in a readable format

Now press the convert button so that the conversion of the WMV file can start. The process of the conversion can be tracked by you in the pop-up window. From there you will get the complete information of the conversion of the WMV file to Quick Time.

Here is the way with the help of which a user can convert WMV files in Quick Time easily. They are supposed to follow the following steps very carefully. There are other ways also with the help of which conversion can be done. If you want to delve deeper into the conversion of WMV files, then you can click on this link for getting better information about the procedure troubleshooting method is well explained in the following link and when you will open that link, you will be able to understand everything distinctly.