Top 3 applications to manage construction document management


A vast amount of paperwork is typical in the AEC industry. Processing and storing such large number of documents can be a nightmare for professionals in this field. It can get cumbersome to find specific information in stacks of documents. However, construction document management software offers solutions that can save time and money. Here’s a list of top three document management solutions preferred by AEC professionals:


Fieldwire, is an efficient mobile application compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad. Fieldwire helps to share and edit blueprints in the field.

  • With the software you can import drawings quickly
  • Automatic sheet hyperlinking is easy
  • You can add annotations, markups and check progress photos directly on drawings on the field

Fieldwire is free for small teams but has cost effective options if you require unlimited sheets and more features.


Plangrid is a great option for the AEC industry. It offers specialized document & drawing management with remote construction team collaboration.

  • You can view specs, photos and site plans in real-time with cloud backup.
  • With the software you can log and track issues along with direct input to punch lists of drawings, on-site notes.
  • You can share updates real-time with all team members with auto sync feature.
  • Automatic hyperlinking helps faster navigation.

This app is helpful if you have multiple crews working simultaneously at different locations.


SKYSITE, is an efficient construction document management application for the AEC industry that improves collaboration and tracking of work status of project teams.

  • You can easily create, organize and track RFIs, punch list and submittals is no more a hassle with SKYSITE. In fact, punch list management is also no more time consuming with this app.
  • You need not be worried anymore regarding unlimited storage and scalability of your project associated documents. With SKYSITE you can store and keep secure a large number of information or document smoothly.
  • With SKYSITE auto synchronization of edited designs or information becomes hassle free. So, you can easily collaborate with your team member real-time and naturally the work can be done in fast track.
  • Advance search feature of this software can help to find any info in just a few clicks thus saving time.
  • Any changes made to the documents are automatically synced to all devices. Collaboration between team members improve drastically.
  • This software is compatible in both Android as well as iOS devices.

This construction document management software can improve collaboration between teams and improve efficiency by saving time and avoiding re-work associated with document management processes.