The Perfect Lighter For Your Camping Nights

You are out in the wild. Ready to start your bonfire and get some hot meals. And suddenly, your lighter is soaking wet and won’t work. How familiar does this sound to you? How scary can it be? The trouble caused by not having the right fire in a camp night is varied. From not being able to cook your meals, to not keeping yourself warm enough at night.

The fire has been with humankind for a very long time now. And there is no chance of ruining that relationship. So when in need, you take your lighter. The problem arises when the lighter is not working for you. Sometimes it is wet, and the flint does not work, the fuel is over. There are several reasons why a traditional lighter can fail and stop working. This is why having another type of lighter can save the day or the night.

Rechargeable lighters

Notice the difference. Rechargeable does not mean refillable. We are talking about recharge because they are electric. They use a battery to work up to 100 times each lighter. These electric lighters create a powerful plasma beam that will ignite every flammable material that touches it. You need to put the material in the middle of the plasma arc, and that’s it, you got fire.

The advantages if an electric lighter

  1. They are windproof

The main advantage of an electric lighter is that it will stand the heaviest wind. This is a topic that is mentioned all the time when talking about plasma lighters. The electric beams do not get disturbed by strong wind. They do not flicker or reduce their power when facing the wind, while regular lighters go off if the tiniest wind blows over them. This disadvantage of traditional fuel lighters forces you to use your spare hand to cover the flame. You may need both hands working, and this is very inconvenient.

  1. They work even after getting wet

Even during a storm, a plasma lighter will work. They can get wet and continue working because there is nothing to be soaked in their composition. There is no flint or thread to protect from water. Just be careful not to touch the beams or the coils that produce the beams. Remember that water and electricity work very nice together. Electricity is easily conducted through water, and this can give you a shock if you touch the coils.

  1. They can be recharged in a hours

A rechargeable lighter can have full charge again in a couple of hours just by using a USB cable and a power bank. If you are not in the wild, you can plug it on the wall and wait for it to be ready. In a while, you will be ready to use your electric lighter 100 more times. The atomic lighter fully charges in an average of three hours. Remember to unplug your rechargeable lighter when it is already full. This maximizes the life of the battery.

  1. They produce no smell

One of the comments many smokers have about their fuel lighters is the smell. Many times the burning of fuel produces a nasty smell that impregnated cigarettes. This is due to the toxic elements contained in the fuel used in refillable lighters. Electric lighters don’t have that problem. Electricity does not smell. This makes electric lighters perfect for cigarettes.

Besides this, if you are going to use this fire to cook, it is better to use electric lighters. This way, your food won’t have any trace of fuel smell in it. Wood, paper, and candles can be lit without smelly problems with an electric rechargeable lighter.

So, bottom line, go for it. These new electric options the market is bringing have noticeable advantages, and it is time for you to enjoy them. Besides being green and eco-friendly, they have a strong cost-value relationship. The money you invest in purchasing an electric lighter will be worth it. The next time you find yourself planning your camping night, make sure to add it to the list. They can be easily bought online. So, there are no excuses for getting the best lighter for your night out.