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This tip calculator is a free app. You can use it to calculate the bill and split it according to the number of people. The tip calculator is easy to use and makes your calculation handy. It helps you to do more work in less time without mistakes. Boost your sales with the help of a tip calculator that allows you to get hold of money easily without confusing your mind. It is an offline tip calculator, so you can use it anywhere to split bills. It can be used to split bills, calculate tips, calculate a free tip, restaurant bill slit, bill share, etc. Tip calculator is a sharing app and can be used by six family members due to its sharing setup. It allows family members to share bills, divide bills so they can divide meals, which can be easy on everyone’s pocket.

Apart from bill dividing, the Tip calculator also calculates the percentages for food, drinks at a restaurant or bar. Use the tip calculator to round off values and check the amount payable by one person in no time. It saves time for both buyer and seller. Now you can enjoy share meals with your family and friends without the worry of tip calculation because the Tip calculator will do the job for you immediately and free of cost.


It is beneficial in all situations i.e. if you are running your small business or you are an average person sharing the bill with your colleagues or friends, the Tip calculator ease your load of calculations. Many people find calculations hard somehow they are not numbers friendly in when in hassle they make huge mistakes, but in the calculation, even just a “zero” matters a lot. So here is the solution to their problem Tip calculator. 

What “Tip” actually means?

When we visit a restaurant or coffee place, the little money we pay apart from our bill as “Tip.” We pay this to the person who served us, but in most cases, it directly goes to the owner of the place. We pay this money to show our gratitude. We pay a tip at several places according to the services of the respective person. They can be bartenders, baristas, waiters, and other places that accept tips. But several people make a living through this money, including barbers, tour guides, hairstylists, etc. These are people who need a tip, and we should pay them.

The reason is that people working in the service industry are usually low-paid. Their employers take it for granted that their salary will be compensated by tips. What’s more, it’s a commonly approved way to express your satisfaction with the Service you got. Tipping is also a sign of propriety and good manners.

Why pay “Tips”?

The people are working in such places we visit and provide us services are paid low salaries which do not fulfill their monthly wages. To help the unknowingly without hurting their pride, you should pay tips with gratitude. Your amount of money means a lot to such people.

Tipping porters, doormen, drivers, and tour guides are even easier. You just need to hand them the amount of money you want to tip them. The only difficulty may appear when it comes to tipping a maid. You have to make it evident that the money that you leave in your hotel room is the tip. Many people put money on a table to take it later, so maids think twice about considering money left in the room as a tip.

Tip Percentage

It is said that one should pay the tip 10% to 20% of his actual bill. So for calculating this, you can use the Tip calculator. It will accurately calculate tips for you. If you want to calculate 10% or your bill, you have to move one decimal from your left, but there is no need to use such tactics when you have a solution at your hand.

Open the split app and enter your bill amount along with the percentage you want to calculate the tip. The tipping percentage may vary according to the countries. Keep that in mind while calculating a tip. For example; In Switzerland, tipping is not expected. However, it’s fair to leave 5 to 10% of the bill value. In the UK, leaving a tip in a restaurant is customary while in a pub it is not. You may be greatly surprised when visiting Russia, where the most important thing is not how much you tip but that you do it in cash, directly to a waiter. In Dubai, the tip is automatically added to the bill.

Calculating Tip Percentage

Calculating 10% of the value is not a very complicated mathematical equation; there is certainly an easier way to figure out the tip. What’s more, when we calculate things our heads, it is easy to make some errors. Save time and be sure of the result by calculating your tip with our tip calculator. It is a simple application that helps you count a particular percentage of your bill. All you need to do is:

  1. Type the value of your bill in the Bill field of our calculator.
  2. Type the percentage of the tip you are going to leave in the Tip field. If the Service has been especially nice, you may want to increase the percentage of your tip. However, if the dishes were cold and bad, or the waiter treated you with no respect, lower tip percentage is entirely understandable.

The calculation is the same as we have done in the previous paragraph but takes only a few seconds. Another very similar tool that can be useful in many other situations, aside from giving a tip, is the percentage calculator. It simply figures out the percentage of any number you type.

Features of Tip Calculator

  • Along with the total bill, you can calculate tips immediately.
  • Enter the bill amount and tip percentage to find out tips you should pay.
  • Updates are live as you enter the bill amount. It can round off numbers easily.
  • There is no restriction on the number of people.
  • The sharing feature allows it to send bills to your friend so they can pay their share.
  • Use a split calculator offline.
  • It is 100% free with all features.


Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It lies in the category of utilities, can be used by anyone age above four years, language is English, and it is free. Once you download your app from the play store, it is all yours. Use it anywhere, anytime. There are no hidden charges and terms and conditions.


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If you want to calculate tips, share meals with your friends, split bills, enter the amount, and it will give you accurate results by calculating tips and dividing bills on any given number of people.

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