Things You Can Do With A Graphic Design App

The world is changing rapidly. Previously there were physical stores that you had to go there and buy whatever you are looking for. In case of the physical stores, it is obvious that they are limited to the geographical area. As you know that there is a trend of opening several branches but no one can open the branches at every corner of the world, but e-commerce allows the customers to buy the products by sitting in any area of the world. Due to e-commerce the world is an area, and an organization can easily offer their products across the world. So it allows the versatile business.

The other benefit of E-commerce is that the organization only needs a well-organized and design website to run the business. The benefit to customers is that they do not have to spend money on travelling to the stores. On the other hand it spares the organization from the expenditures on the physical store, infrastructure and taxes.

The new business owners want their recognition. They want to have their first impression last longer on their customer’s minds. You would hardly find a person who have no aversion to the use of technology and still don’t have online existence. Whether it’s a personal blog or business one, every person is trying to reach as much audience as possible. Now in order to gain success, it all comes to marketing.

Now you have to place banners, posters and flyers on websites and social media channels to promote your business. This requires a constant budget or a hired graphic designer to generate ads on daily basis. Not every business can afford to spend so much in the start. Here comes companies like Desygner handy. They are offering best graphic design apps free of any cost. Let’s discuss all the ways in which these graphic design apps helps us.

Social Media

You can now engaging visual posts for all of social media accounts. You can design your cover photos professionally. There are different templates available keeping in mind all the requirements of the respective social media account. For example, you want to create a background image for your LinkedIn profile. The optimal background photo size in LinkedIn is 1536 by 768 px. Now it could become very difficult for you if you have to change dimensions for every account which is almost impossible. But thanks to the graphic design app, there is exact size available which you can personalize within minutes.


If you want to create a static ad for your business or brand there are many options available. You can easily create adverts, web banners, flyers, posters, even vision boards and planners. There is a large collection of templates all available with the right visual.

Certificates and Coupons

Every business needs certification at some point. Also if you have a shopping site then coupons are a must have for you. If you want to create certificates or coupons then this option is also available on the website.

In short, there are a lot of things you can do with an app for graphic design nashua nh.