All You Need To Know About Website Audit For Better SEO Results

Everyone wants their websites rank well in any of the search engines be it Google, Bing or Yahoo.  And there comes the role of SEO in action. If you know the basics of SEO or digital marketing then you must be aware that your website should be sound in terms of technical SEO and digital marketing to rank in top results of Google.

As per the few last updates of Google, the concept of Technical SEO has come into the limelight. Now the thing is not only about link building or blogger outreach or just a few simple links, but the question is also about how you can do on-page optimization or you can say technical SEO for your website.

There are many freelancers, experts and professional agencies which are offering this service. Firstly, they do a quick and then detailed audit of your website against an audit list created by their digital marketing specialists and this service is known as website audit.

Here is the list of standards that helps in carrying out the website audit for your website:

Optimization of Your Website Performance

In this, the technical performance of the website is checked against the standard to know how technically a website sounds. Through the website audit, you can find out the robustness of your website as per its technical framework and infrastructure to check how SEO friendly your website is and whether it is easy to navigate through the website from the home page to access all contents.

Search Engine Optimization

You can easily spot out any missed SEO opportunities with the ideal website audit and work out on any of the SEO pitfalls you left behind while working for a website SEO. For example keyword stuffing, exact match anchor text links.

This helps you in remarketing as well because you are getting a second chance to review your SEO campaigns and policies and it will help you skip the search engine algorithms which are changing from time to time. You will work on the latest SEO practices to top the SERP results.

Go For Conversion Rate Optimization

you can re-evaluate your website in terms of lead generation and conversion. This will help you in spotting the previously missed leads or missed leads in terms of lead generation, conversion and CTAs. You can identify the shortcomings of your landing pages so that you can optimize them for better conversions.

So by auditing your website from both aspects like content and technical terms, you will have brighter, new and some good opportunities to improve your website traffic and conversions through your website.

The points which help in carrying this website audit are:

  1. A Good Domain
  2. Preferred URL Structure
  3. Website Navigation
  4. Website Speed
  5. XML Sitemap
  6. txt
  7. Structured Data
  8. Mobile-First Indexing

So if you communicate with a rookie SEO person who has just started his or her career or an expert with more than 7 or 10 years of experience, both will suggest you go for website audit before getting your website ready for your clients.