Plagiarism Can Kill Your Content. Are You Doing Enough to Protect it?

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Content theft is becoming a perennial temptation on the internet. In fact, 36% of undergraduate students admit to have plagiarized written material, according to a survey by Psychological Records. Therefore, if you have original, creative and convincing content, it needs strong protection. It will go a long way to safeguard your efforts and skills from being wasted.

So, how do you keep your intellectual property from being stolen? Take a look at these simple yet effective methods.


  • Duplicate Checker Tools


Plagiarism can take place in internal databases as well. This means, one can submit similar content by copying material from their previous works. This act could be unacceptable, particularly if your publisher has not permitted the use of your old manuscripts. With the help of duplicate finder tools, you can set up a comparison of documents in a protected environment. Texts from each file will be extracted and compared quickly, keeping the content safe. 


  • Trusted Sources


If you are buying content, make sure to do so only from a reputed and trustworthy company. The writers produce only original work, backed with examples and evidence. This will mean that the chances of plagiarized content will be minimized, which will boost your Google rankings. After receiving the documents, mark them as your own. Find out the copyright guidelines, so that there are zero loopholes. Once done, there will be clear evidence whom it belongs to. It will go a long way to prevent anyone from stealing your work.


  • Copyright Warning


With every piece of writing, ensure posting a strong warning. Create stringent rules regarding quoting, copying and reposting your work in any form. When students or authors are using your work, they must provide proper citation, quotation and references. Additionally, if you feel your content has been stolen, take strict actions and ask the respective party to take it down immediately. 


  • Google Alerts


Apart from using tools like a duplicate finder, make good use of alerts. You need to register your email address with Google for this. A special algorithm will act as a monitoring system to detect any possible plagiarism of your work. It will find out common keyword and phrase combinations that might match your article. You will receive notifications in your mail if any duplication is identified. Now, you can go ahead and check the marked page for any plagiarized content. 


  • Disable Right Click Option


If you want to protect your videos, audio and images, remove the right click plugins. This will prevent downloading, sharing or copying of your content. It is one of the tried and tested ways to stop thieves from accessing your original work. In fact, for best results, disable the Ctrl + C option, which is the keyboard short cut for copying. 

You are creating content to drive organic traffic to your website or simply publishing a work to offer original ideas to the world. Plagiarized work can damage your reputation and lower your search engine rankings. Therefore, follow these quick steps to ensure that your content is protected against theft.