3 Reasons to Use Mobile Money Instead of Cash

Digital payments are new ways of money transfer method and with the increase in usage of the internet, more people are making digital payments than ever before. Mobile money platforms like Ecocash charges very little to no payment for many services they provide to customers related to money transfer.

If you don’t know about how mobile payment works, here is information about the mobile payment that might help you to choose whether they are good for you or not:

What’s new about Mobile Payment?

Mobile money is a new way of digital payment that people can use to store and spend money with the help of a mobile phone. You need to make a “mobile wallet” to avail of the service offered by following platform mPesa, EcoCash, GCash, TigoPesa, and many more.

About 270 countries allow the use of such mobile payment now, making mobile money a more popular safest way of money transfer.

You can transfer the money from your bank to your mobile money wallet account quickly and Eco cash charges no additional fees for transferring the amount to another account. You can use Eco Cash to make instant money transfer to the recipient with a mobile money account.

3 Reason to Use Mobile cash

Almost anyone who has a mobile phone can have a mobile money account. It’s so accessible, which makes it extremely useful in more remote parts of the world, where there aren’t any banks. Here are its other benefits:

Multi-Facet and Direct Way of making payment

The important reason to go for mobile money is they are multi-facet. You can do so much with mobile money such as to receive, store, spend, and send money to another account.

The user receiving the money can receive the payment directly into his/her account and you do not need to worry about intermediaries.

Fast Transfer of Money with Convenience

The user immediately receives the fund transfer and making it possible to get funds even if you are a distance apart from someone. Mobile money is on the mobile of phones of the user, you can make payments from the comfort of home no need to go to the bank.

Secure and Low cost

Mobile Money funds are under protection and follow financial regulation. User identity is check before making any transfer, it makes hard for criminal and fraudster to use service illegally. The best part is the mobile money platform like Eco cash charges very less for security and other services compared to the banks.