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Laser cutting means Amplification of Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It works by amplifying the energy of light to the point of heating the material in a certain area, just as it was in the play of the magnifying glass where the sunlight was amplified at a specific point. In short, you can say that laser cutting is a process that uses the high power light beam to melt the material of a piece, making it possible to cut and engrave it.

The beam of light in the process is so strong that it melts and causes the material to evaporate. This makes it possible to cut complex and detailed pieces of various materials, in addition to engravings by means of energy and depth regulation. But are all laser cutting machines the same? No. With the advancement of technology, the tendency is for more and more models of machines of this style to appear, but currently there are three types of lasers for cutting and engraving on the market: the gas laser or CO² laser, the fibre laser and the crystal laser.

What are the advantages of laser cutting?

  • Laser cutting makes it possible to develop complex parts at a low cost when compared to other cutting options. The main benefits of the technique are high precision and the ability to make complex cuts. It also facilitates the processes. What was previously done by more than one process still needing manual assistance, today with the machine the cutting and control of the part can be programmed and it is possible to speed up the process and reduce expenses with other tools.
  • The quality of the cutter is excellent and it is possible to make it in various materials such as carbon steel, polished stainless steel, acrylic, Aluminum, wood, among others. The cut is controlled via CNC and this allows it to be done thoroughly, with up to tenths of millimetres of precision, without scratches and without damaging the part.
  • Several files such as CAD, CDR and other formats are accepted which makes the process even more versatile. If – during the process – the project undergoes changes, just modify the file and it can start cutting again, without having to create a new process because the laser machine does not work with auxiliary tools to perform the cutting as is the case with stamping and others.
  • This technology also allows the maximum use of the piece, reducing waste and fulfilling its role in the mission of contributing to the preservation of the environment since fewer raw materials is consumed. It is also possible to make engravings on the parts by controlling the depth of the cut and the power and speed of the laser. It has great advantages when compared to other processes, such as- the punching that requires more time, it is more expensive, or the Oxi-cut that does not have much precision and does not deliver such a good finish.
  • Laser cutting is a process that allows cutting with quality, agility, precision and economy. The piece has an impeccable finish and you can dare in the variations and styles of cut, since the machine allows it.

In addition, visit the site for purchase laser cutting machine according to your needs. As well as, before order from this site, check out their service, guaranty, safety security etc. In short, Laser cutting is the most advanced process for thermal cuts. Among the advantages are economy, precision, superior quality, little material loss, cutting of complex figures, without tool wear, flexible programming and agility in production.