How you can Erase Hard Disk Data Permanently and Safely

Most novice people who use computers assume, that whenever you delete something by emptying the Trash Can, it’s securely gone permanently. The truth is, however, nothing might be beyond the reality, so if you wish to safely delete data to ensure that nobody is ever going to have the ability to retrieve it, you will need to make use of a third-party tool for example Active@ KillDisk.

Safely deleting data with this particular user-friendly program ensures that it’ll be securely gone permanently, which makes it an important tool for individuals who’re selling or donating their computers or hard disk drives.


If you wish to understand how to erase hard disk data, the program will take you step-by-step through the procedure, and when complete, no file recovery software is ever going to have the ability to get it. If you are concerned about another person being able to view your individual files and sensitive information, you are able to be assured, by using Active@ KillDisk available, your computer data is going to be safely erased.

Active@ KillDisk is really a effective and impressive data deletion utility, also it supports an array of media types additionally to plain hard drives. It really works in likewise way with every other type of writable storage media, for example memory cards, solid condition drives, USB pen drives and much more. An array of file systems are supported too, including all versions of FAT and NTFS. Furthermore, Active@ KillDisk could work completely individually of the operating-system by using bootable media. This program also works together with Mac pc computers and Computers running the various Linux-based distributions.


If you want a dependable method to completely erase hard disk data, Active@ KillDisk is among the easiest and many effective tools available, which is versatile too. By using this software, you may also erase multiple hard disk drives in parallel, that is very helpful if you are managing a RAID setup. This program also works exceedingly rapidly without compromising on quality and effectiveness. There’s a preview feature which enables you to definitely see the file, in addition to details about it, before you decide to delete it. When compared with simply emptying the Trash Can, using Active@ KillDisk is vastly more efficient, since within the situation from the former, files will often be recoverable until another thing, like a file copy operation or new program install, overwrites it. Active@ KillDisk, by comparison, provides you with reassurance by making certain that the private files won’t ever finish in the incorrect hands.

Supplying a commercial quality level, Active@ KillDisk is a superb option for either home or office use. By buying the entire form of this program, you’ll likewise be able to gain access to a year’s price of product updates and tech support team at no additional cost. This program also meets 23 security standards including DoD 5220.22-M from around the globe, so you can be positive that you are only getting the best.