Tips to Reduce Technical Debt

With a little developmental approach, you can maintain a constant level quality one release after the other. Find it tough to believe… well, you have this trick: its defining or redefining, finally done!

For conventional teams, done means correct enough for QA to commence. The issue with the done definition is that sometimes bugs enter in the early release phase and it continues to step in. so, till the time, the QA are starting their task, the product is piled with layers of defects. However, in order to avoid such issues from creeping up again and again, techniques like automated testing, feature branching workflows, constant integration are helpful.

The prevention of tech debt allows development to be agile

The major branch of coding base should always be shipping ready. This should be your priority no.1. So, when developers add a new feature, they do not have to start from the scratch. It should contain the automated tests too. Once the feature is done and automated tests are passed, the branch can easily be mingled with the major one! As the quality bar is fixed, tech debt stays manageable.

However, if it isn’t managed this way, the owners release the product and compromise on the quality. But do not forget- the longer the bug stays, the more difficult it is to fix!Image result for Tips to Reduce Technical Debt

Tame your team’s debt

While working with legacy code, chances are that you may have occurred some tech debt. But with these tips you can take your present debt and focus on the new feature developments.

Define things

Often software developers disagree about what comprises of tech debt. So, lets first put an end to this dilemma! Tech debt is the difference between what was promise to deliver and what was really delivered. This comprises of tech shortcuts made to meet the nearing deadlines.

The development side is tempted to feature architectural work as tech debt. It could or could not be, according to the nature of the change- for instance, swapping a shortcut with the right solution v/s writing a monolithic coding base. Right interaction between the product management and development team is important in ranking the backlog as well as developing the code base.

Tip:- Rank tech debt in sprint strategy just like the other feature tasks. Do not hide it in issue tracker or other backlog.

Stay aware of the testing sprints and jobs

Do not get convinced to define done by including an additional testing task to the complete original story. It is very simple to comply with it and it only adds to tech debt. If testing is not done, the original story isn’t complete. Know the right definition of done and make sure it includes complete automated testing.

Automate bugs removal

When you find a bug in the software, take the time to include an automated test which reveals it. Once the bug is removed, rerun it to assure the results. It is the basic of test-driven development to maintain good quality in agile development.

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