How to Recover Lost Data from Pen Drive?

Pen drive is a utility device that allows you to store, back up, and transfer data. Its compact design, efficient functioning, and seamless compatibility make it an ideal data storage device. But extensive use of a pen drive makes it vulnerable to situations that may result in data loss. A pen drive may become corrupt, damaged, infected, or unreadable due to a technical issue. 

If you don’t act on time or don’t take necessary precautions, you will lose pen drive data. But don’t worry; there are effective ways that aids in pen drive recovery.  You can either adopt a DIY approach fordata recovery or you can seek the help of experts for pen drive repair

Let us discuss these pen drive data recovery options in detail. Moreover, there is a list of precautionary measures that you must consider to avoid pen drive data loss. 

Pen Drive Recovery by Using the DIY Approach 

Most of the times, pen drives are not accessible due to logical or software issues. In some cases, physical issues restrict access to pen drive data. You may have seen following messages on the screen:

  • You need to format this disk.
  • The disk is not accessible.
  • Please insert a disk into removable disk.
  • USB device not recognized or malfunctioned.

You can deploy the following methods for USB pen drive recovery. Contact pen drive recovery service providers if these methods don’t work.

 Pen Drive Recovery using Windows

  • Insert pen drive into the USB port.
  • Go to My Computers, and locate the Removable Disk icon pointing to the inserted pen drive.
  • Right Click on the Removable Disk and Click on Properties.
  • In the Tools tab, click on Check Now.
  • There will be two options. One is Automatically fix file system errors. The other one is Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.
  • Select both the options and click on Start to initiate the scan process.
  • Once the process is complete, Close the window.

For Windows 10 and lower versions, follow this procedure:

  • Insert pen drive into the USB port.
  • Go to My Computers, and locate the Removable Disk icon pointing to the inserted pen drive.
  • Right Click on the Removable Disk and Click on Properties.
  • In the Tools tab, click on Rebuild to initiate the scan process.
  • Once the process ends, Close the window.
  • Right-click on the pen drive icon and click Eject to remove it safely.

 Pen Drive Recovery Using Command Prompt

  • Insert pen drive into the USB port.
  • Go to Start icon and right-click on it.
  • Click on Command Prompt (Admin) to open CMD window.
  • Type the Removable Disk letter (denoting the inserted pen drive) – for example, F: – and press Enter.
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*
  • Press Enter and wait for some time.
  • Close the CMD window, and check the pen drive to access restored data.

Pen Drive Recovery by Professionals

Seek professional help if the recovery process fails even after trying these methods. Also, in most cases, like damaged pen drives, you should always seek professional help.

Opt for pen drive file recovery services in the following cases:

  • If the USB connector is broken or circuit board is damaged, it falls under damaged pen drive recovery. In this case, the experts repair the physical damage using specialized equipment.
  • If the flash drive controller software becomes corrupt or there are problems with NAND memory. In these cases, there will be issues with pen drive detection. In this case, only the experts can provide corrupted pen drive recovery services.

Professional Pen Drive Recovery Software

If above methods fail to recover data from pen drive. The best possible solution is to opt for a professional data recovery software. Stellar’s data recovery software, awarded the best recovery. Here is why is termed as the best recovery software

Precautions to Avoid Data Loss from Pen Drive

While you can use these methods to recover deleted files from pen drive, you must try to avoid data loss:

  • If the USB drive depicts 0 bytes data, don’t add files to it. This can overwrite already stored data, and result in permanent data loss.
  • If you cannot access pen drive data due to any reason, don’t format it.
  • In case of a malware attack, avoid connecting pen drive to computer systems
  • Physical damages can only be repaired by a data recovery professional. Don’t try to fiddle with pen drive components.

Professional Data Recovery Services

We do not recommend DIY methods if the pen drive is damaged or data is critically important.

Any mistake on users part can result in permanent data loss or permanent damage to the pen drive. Speaking of professionals Stellar is one of the pioneers in data recovery services with a presence in 18+ locations across the globe. Starting out its operations in 1993 (25 years ago), it has served more than 3 million customers with 100% secure and confidential data recovery services. It has a strong portfolio of Class 100 clean rooms, in-house developed advanced technologies and software and a team of 100+ R & D engineers to solve even the complicated data problems within a stipulated time. Recognized and awarded for outstanding services in the IT industry, Stellar has become the first and foremost choice of various Fortune 500 companies.