5 Settings to Protect Your Ipad

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The iPad is one of the handiest device as you can carry it wherever you go. Since both parents and kids use it, it’s best to have the right settings to protect your iPad from any mishap. In worst scenarios, have a peace of mind and make sure to send it right away for ipad repair. Before anything else, here are 5 settings to keep your iPad and your kids safe.

5 Settings to Protect Your Ipad

  1. Set a password

When you’re not around, kids can get their hands pretty much into the device wherever they want to. If you want to control their usage and monitor the content they see, setting a password to unlock the iPad and even some apps would be wise. Simply lock the iPad by turning on the Password Lock feature. To add security, it’s also recommended to turn on the parental controls so kids can only access apps and pages they are allowed to. Having a password set can also protect the device from the wrong hands and can save you from troubles later. Using a touch code or fingerprint would be your best option.

  1. Turn off app and in-app purchases

It’s almost inevitable for kids to click on anything they find entertaining and interesting. Browsing for apps can pique their curiosity and sometimes, it can’t be helped that they purchase paid apps and also in-app purchases. You can avoid this and save bills by turning off this on the setting. This also helps protect your account from any inadvertent purpose and mischiefs done by kids. Otherwise, it would also be safe to restrict their access to Apple’s Game Center.

  1. Get a protective case

The best protection for the phone is always the cover. Getting a durable case can insure this fragile device especially when in the hands of little kids When it comes to cases, there’s a lot of colors, designs, textures, and types to choose from. A cushioned one is most preferable when an iPad is shared with children so it can offer the first line of defense and protection when it falls.

  1. Control accessibility

Did you know that you can control the screen time of the iPad? This means that kids can only use the device in a limited time you have agreed upon. Some parents have a contract with their children about accessibility and usage, so setting passcodes and start and end times on the ipad itself would be best. Tap Set App Limit and Set Downtime to achieve this.

  1. Set privacy

When installing third-party apps, there are notifications and pop-out messages that ask permission to personal information.  For instance, a messaging app might request access to photos, calls, and other folders in the iPad. However, to manage privacy, you can always enable or disable access for certain apps in the settings.