Who Calls the Police If My Security System Goes Off When I Am Away?

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a Lafayette security system is the peace of mind in knowing your home has protection while you’re away. But who calls the police if the security system goes off and what happens if it is a false alarm? Here’s what you need to know regarding what happens when your alarm system goes off and you are away from home.

Step #1: There is a Loud Siren

Once triggered, the alarm sounds a loud siren. Since you aren’t home to hear it, you won’t have an opportunity to use the keypad to turn it off. If the siren continues for longer than a minute or two, the system alerts the monitoring center.

Step #2 You’ll Get a Phone Call

The monitoring center calls the contact number listed for your account before contacting the police. They do this to help prevent reduce the chances of law enforcement having to deal with a false alarm. If there is no answer or the person that picks up the phone does not know the secret password, the monitoring center calls the police to have an officer dispatched to your home.

Step #3: The Police Arrive & The Monitoring Center Continues Attempts to Get Ahold of You

Once the police arrive, they will determine whether the alarm was falsely triggered or if there is truly an issue by looking for signs of obvious entry. If they determine the alarm was false, they will let the monitoring center know. Even after dispatch has sent an officer, the monitoring center continues to try to get in touch with you just to let you know what’s going on at your residence.

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