Grow your Facebook Likes With These techniques

Now that you own a Facebook page, you possibly want to grow your audience too. Here are some ways to start growing your Facebook likes.

Get traffic from your other social media profiles

Use your present website, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest account to generate traffic to your Facebook page. However, make sure you don’t spam it. Let your fans and followers know why should they follow you on Facebook. If Facebook is the platform for you to business, then perfect! Make sure you reveal your fans why you are on Facebook and what benefit will they receive once they follow you.

Put a share button on your blog

Sometimes all you need is just a way to share your content. If it is easy to see and use the share button, it is likely that more and more people will share your content if they find it informative.

Send invitation to your community to interact with the content they like

It is amazing to see what can happen when you make your audience interact with your posted content. Facebook limits your reach on posts when you ask for shares, likes and comments, hence you need to be creative. Ask questions but do not ask them to comment. This leaves your post good with the social media site. It leads to more authentic engagement.

Be a part of Facebook group which permits you to share content

There are blogs and sites and Facebook accounts which allow you to share your post or link for interaction in some way with the links mentioned in the thread. It is an amazing idea to drive engagement and have your content shown in other’s feed. This exposure can get you more likes.

Create interactive content which your community wants to look at

Focus on sharing the content that your community interacts with and post more related content. if you don’t know which content is bring liked by your community members more, then check Facebook Insights for your page. Make sure you only post real pictures and organic content.

Be consistent

You can’t just post one content one day and the other after a month. This is not how Facebook works. The news feed algorithm of Facebook is always changing. You may have noticed that you don’t see everything in your news feed but you often see the same peoples posts. It is because Facebook keeps track of the last 50 people or pages you have communicated with and they hold importance over the others in your feed.

Hence, being consistent is very important.

Add a Facebook Like box to your blog

It is an amazing idea because it allows all your blog readers to like your Facebook page without moving out of your blog. You can use different plugins for this purpose.

Buy Facebook Likes

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