What is Machine Vision Technology?

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Machine vision (MV) is a kind of technology and method used for image automation inspection. It is used in inspection, security, and even automobile guidance. It is a term that covers software, hardware, integrated systems, and methods. It is largely involved in capturing and processing images. Part of the machine vision process is about automated imaging, followed by image analysis, and information extraction.  

Machine vision is useful in security monitoring and automatic inspection because it is able to extract complex data such as an object’s orientation and identity. Machine vision includes both software and hardware products.  

There are also many parts to a machine vision system.

A vision sensor, also known as an image sensor is part of the machine vision system that analyses images captured.

The vision processor is the part that does the algorithms. It ensures that the image processing is done without any error.

The other component that is quite important in the whole machine vision system is the communication interface. It helps to connect the other parts of the vision system and it is necessary to ensure data transmission. This component is usually attached to a smart camera. This communication interface helps to ensure that the system is able to link data from the device to the software used.

Next, every machine vision system must have a proper lighting analysis sequence. The common sources are: LED, Mercury, Xenon, and Fluorescent.

The type of lighting system used really depends on the purpose of the vision system. It is also dependant on the size of the vision station.

Lastly, the lens are another important component, as the lens are the parts that have to match with the image sensor installed in the vision system. It is used to scatter light rays. It is also used as a light gathering part of the vision system.

In conclusion, all these parts are important to ensure that the vision system functions efficiently. If any of these components are missing, the system will not function well. Now that you know what is included in a machine vision system, this will give you the extra edge when you are thinking of engaging a professional machine vision supplier.