How Good Is It To Choose A Right Domain Registration For Your Business

Why Domain Registration And Web Hosting Important For Business?

Well, when you hear about these terms as a non-techy person, the question pops up into your mind that what both of these are. So keep in mind that in this modern technology world it is now crystal clear that having a domain and hosting for your business for a web presence is important to keep people aware of your business. It works as your address in the cyberspace and acts as your own business card over the internet.

You can have a domain and host both for free but you don’t own that these services and these can shut any time, you can also have both of these as a paid service which is really worthy to have a proper web presence. Make sure to choose the right domain that is descriptive towards the users, it is like having your own house and establishing a permanent address. Through this address, people get to know where they need to go to meet you. I have explained below about a domain registrar and domain registration as well if you don’t know how this is done for you.

After you have the domain name now it is the time for you to make it live over the internet so that people can access it. The hosting providers put your website at their server so it becomes available over the internet to people. It is really an important part for your business, although you can choose to start from free services, if your website is getting traffic continuously then you must pay for these services to avoid problems and to make your website available all the time.

What is a Domain Registrar and Domain Registration?

A registrar is just a company which helps you to register or get the domain, it can be any domain name e.g., and so on. There are entities which are called registries that help to maintain these top-level domains in the cyberspace. The registrar registers your domain name with these registries.

For example, if you want to register a domain for yourself, the registrar will check into the registries if the requested name is available or taken. In the first step, you check if the domain name you want is available when you contact to a registrar, there are hundreds of domain registrars, one of them is Vayuhost, a domain registration company in India, which not only provides an affordable domain registrations service in India but also provides hosting services where you host your domain name at as well.

Vayuhost – a domain registration company in India:

As mentioned earlier that having the right descriptive domain name plays an important role in your web presence, not only that, it also plays a role in your business success. This domain registration company in India is considered as a top-level company for providing a variety of domain names with many different kinds of domain extensions, e.g. .com,, .in, and so on.

The company was founded in 2002 and having over 15000 customers worldwide with over 75000 registered domains. Having these stats, VayuHost is one of the top domain registration companies in India.

If you register a domain using VayuHost, there are multiple options you can choose from, you can register a new domain or you can transfer your other domain to Vayuhost because they provide different types of hosting services as well including Linux hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Unlimited Linux Hosting, Unlimited Windows Web Hosting, and Reseller hosting as well.

There are a bunch of extensions available at Vayuhost you can choose from are listed below in the picture,

Most of the prices of the domains are between 600 INR – 3200 INR and you get over INR 4000 of free add-ons (Free Email Account(s), DNS Management, Domain Forwarding, Free Mail Forwards, and more) with every new domain registration which is really affordable by this domain registration company in India.