Digital Power Supply Leads Us Into A New Era

With the increasingly stringent requirements of power supply indicators from customers, an analog power supply can no longer meet all the needs. On the opposite, the flexibility of the digital power supply determines that it can use some advanced control methods to achieve specific indicators. It will inevitably become a trend to replace the analog power supply. Nowadays, IC manufacturers continuously introduce new types of digital power IC products, and users’ understanding of digital power supply deepens. As a result, the digital power supply must become popular soon.

Essential digital devices of digital power supply include digital power driver, digital power PWM controller, and digital signal processor. Digital power supply, also called programmable power supply or adjustable power supply, lies in the core that, the digital chip generates the PWM regulation of the output current/voltage by the power supply, according to specific digital control methods and algorithms, which is an essential feature of the digital power supply.

Some of its characteristics and advantages are as follows:

  1. High integration, accurate and reliable work, strong anti-interference ability.

With high-precision power supply, Power System on Chip is realized, and a large number of discrete components are integrated into a chip or a group of chips. By using “Fusion Digital Power” technology, the combination optimization of analog and digital components in switching power supply is achieved.

  1. High precision, fast real-time response, ability to do numerical and logical operations.

It can give full play to the advantages of the digital signal processor and microcontroller, and then make the designed digital power supply to reach the high-tech target. For example, pulse width modulation (PWM) resolution of this high precision power supply can reach 150 PS (10-12s), which is beyond the expectation of traditional switching power supply.

  1. Having good secrecy for digital information and the information can be preserved for a long time.
  1. Low cost, strong versatility with many controllable factors.

The modularization of the programmable power supply is high, and the organic integration of each module can be easily realized. It is easy to form a distributed digital power supply system and improve its reliability.

  1. With the ability of monitoring and processing, it can ensure the best power and conversion efficiency, and the control is intellectual.

It is an intelligent switching power supply system, which takes a digital signal processor (DSP) or Micro Controller Unit (MCU) as the core, and takes digital power driver and PWM controller as the control object. The traditional switching power supply controlled by microcontroller can only control the on and off of power supply, instead of the real digital power supply. The adjustable power supply can realize multi-phase control, non-linear control, load sharing, and fault prediction, which provides favorable conditions for the development of green energy-saving switching power supply.

MDP-XP Digital Power Supply Set

Among all the advanced digital power supply, MDP-XP Digital Power Supply Set from MINIWARE is one in the recommendation list.

MDP (Mini Digital Power System) is a programmable linear DC power supply system based on modular design. It can connect different modules according to the need.

MDP-XP consists of display control module and digital power module. Through 2.4G wireless connection, multi-channel free combination is realized with 90 W power per channel. MDP-XP is a kind of programmable linear DC power supply with high cost performance ratio. It has the same index, stability, reliability and unique user interface as professional power supply. It also provides programmable output, timing output, sequence control and automatic compensation power supply. Full-featured, it can meet a variety of test requirements.

MDP-XP Digital Power Supply Set can be widely used in different application fields, such as general testing and teaching experiments in R&D laboratories, maintenance of digital products such as mobile phones and laptops, power testing of RF microwave circuits or modules, data recorders, purified power supply, high-precision digital-analog hybrid circuit and high-fidelity audio equipment, equipment and circuit performance verification and fault diagnosis, quality control and quality inspection, emergency power supply for model aircraft and vehicles,etc.

If you want to learn more about the new leader digital power supply, MINIWARE is recommended for a start.