Oh The Many Wallets You Can Have!

Take a second right now and think about where your money currently is. Most of it is probably in a bank somewhere, but everything else is probably in a wallet, and that wallet is either in your pocket or somewhere on your nightstand. Sure. But the real question is, when was the last time you thought about your wallet.

This is an item that you carry with you every single day, shouldn’t it be something you consider more frequently? Some people spend a lot of money on purses and wallets picking and choosing something that perfectly matches their taste, but most people surprisingly just use whatever is convenient at the time, including rubber bands, office clips, and just folding some bills around some credit cards.

If you are like most people, I think it’s time to consider something a bit more legitimate and secure, so here are some general wallet types to choose from…

MONEY CLIP – This is the most rudimentary option, but can be a great solution for someone interested in a minimal option. If most of your credit cards are on your phone at this point, then maybe it is time to switch to this minimal option. Definitely better than just wrapping some bills around some cards.

MONEY CLIP WITH POCKETS – A step up from a simple money clip, this wallet allows you to create some separation between your cash, your ID, and your credit cards. Still very minimal and very easy to use, but still lacks much structure.

HYBRID SLIM WALLETS – This wallet style is very similar to the money clip with pockets, but this one is more modern. It can sometimes feature special compartments and engineered ways to move and remove your credit cards and money. Also very minimal in conception, and sometimes made of special lightweight plastics and metals to give you extra durability and some organization.

CLASSIC BIFOLD – You know exactly what this one looks like. It’s just a classic piece of leather or sometimes more unique flexible material like wood or cork folded in half. This option is still small, and thin, but offer more organization than the clips and hybrid wallets due to the pockets and separation.

CLASSIC TRIFOLD – Very much like a bifold, but folded into thirds. This wallet, usually offers the most organization for credit cards due to all of the options for separation and pockets. This wallet usually also offers a clear plastic compartment for your ID so you don’t always have to take it out to show it.

THE L-FOLD WALLET – This is a variation of a bifold wallet but with a flip up tab that usually houses your ID. It is essentially a way to create the same clear plastic effect as the trifold, but in a slightly different way.

THE CHECKBOOK WALLET – I can’t imagine anyone still uses these monstrosities, but a checkbook wallet is exactly what it sounds like, it can fit a checkbook. This wallet is very large and frequently doesn’t even fit in your pocket, however I do have to mention that the organization is unrivaled.

There you have it, fella who still uses a rubber band as a wallet, you have so many other options. Most of these options are fairly inexpensive as well. Even a money clip would be an upgrade from just shoving some things into the back of your cellphone case. After all, your credit cards and identification are valuable and you should start treating them that way!