Are you a die heart fan of FIFA UNLIMITED TEAM? Learn here how to get FUT 19 coins

One of the great concerns of the players of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is knowing how to make their investments profitable and, all the letters they get for rewards or, for different envelopes. If things are done well in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you can get great benefits, but it is not so simple either. That is why we are going to give you several methods to make millions of coins in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team so that you are always in positive profitability and, above you can get the best players. It is possible to get millions of coins in FIFA 19 FUT with a series of procedures that we detail below.

Never buy gold packages

The market is constantly saturated with gold packages. This type of cards end up being useless in the market. In general if you invest in a gold package you are likely to lose half. On the other hand, investing in the bronze and, silver packages guarantees greater long-term profit. Also, if you complete all the challenges and are aware of the new ones, you will get gold packages.

Do not sell the letters

The FIFA 19 season is very long, and there will always be all kinds of challenges that will require those cards that you think are worthless right now. In this way you take advantage of all these special events, squad challenges and so on, and sells all the cards that the other players need to complete them. In this way, if you have a set of cards that are not worth anything, save them, because surely you can later sell them for more than their value. You have to be patient.

Only buy bronze and silver packages

In principle, you buy normal silver and bronze packs, but you can also risk premiums. If you have good cash you can get premium silver and bronze packages. These cards are the most profitable, and we have told you that you must reserve for challenges and special events throughout the year.

At least perform those SBC challenges where the rewards are worthwhile. Thanks to all the bronze and silver packages that you have, you will be able to complete a multitude of these challenges and without having to enter the market to pay large economic amounts for highly demanded letters during a short space of time. By completing these challenges you will have three player cards available as a general prize for each of the leagues.

What to do when you open a silver or bronze package

First look for the players in the SBC challenges of the leagues confirmed. The letters that are worth to you to carry out these challenges, send them to the challenge, and the letters that are not worth you can reserve them for future challenges where they will be demanded. If you have duplicates you can put them in the transfer list. At certain times of the season there will be cards that are very saturated within the market, and have a minimum value.

Invest in high-value players

Once you have amassed some money, in addition to buying premium bronze or silver packages, you can also invest in players of the week. You can find these players at a price of “Buy it now” that can be around 10,000 or 12,000 coins. They will be players with a score of 81 or higher that you can always resell at a higher price during the next few weeks. There are many people who do not buy these cards because they consider it a great investment.

Patience with the transfer list

One of the big mistakes that are usually made is that we leave some letters for sale and, seeing that they have spent several days without selling. You must be patient because many of these letters will end up increasing in value over the months. Even if you have a letter for sale in the transfer system for months without selling, do not worry, because it will end up selling sooner or later.With this you already know how to win coins in the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

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