An Entire Media Centre Right in Your Hands.

Music is the food of the soul. Regardless of how sad, depressed or worried you are, there’s a chance to snap out of the mood when you hear your favorite tunes. How amazing can it get when you now have an entire Media Centre within your grasp? That’s the feeling Qubis intends to give music lovers. Qubis is made up of the Media Centre Module, Pair of Qubis Mono Speaker Modules, Qubis Smart Light Module, and the Qubis Smart Power Bank Module.

Qubis is set to change the way you listen to music, watch movies and charge your devices. There’s a lot that sets Qubis apart, for the entire set up, it requires just a single power cable. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter whether you are running on Android or iOS, Qubis is built for a seamless multi-platform integration. While the entire system can work in unison, they can also function independently. Most importantly, you present Smart TV and home set up will sync with the functionalities of Qubis without any stress.

Where do you enjoy entertainment? Qubis blends it all in without any extra configurations. When compared with the closest competitor, the performance and features of Qubis will definitely send them out of business later or sooner. You don’t have to wait till that point before becoming a Qubis loyal fan. Qubis is the brainchild of a team of carefully selected developers who want to bring about a unique change globally.