Why Should You Make Use Of Wireframing?


One of the most important things that any business owner old or young should be doing right now is creating an online website.

One of the main reasons behind creating an online website is purely marketing, it is a proven fact that by creating a website and ensuring that the website is up to standards that your total customers that your company has will increase dramatically. At the moment there are three ways in which you can create a website, one being getting a web development company to build the entire site, two being completing the site yourself and lastly the third option is to combine both of option one and two by choosing to make use of a wireframe for professional conversion optimisation services from Polished Pixels.

What is wireframing?

The idea behind wireframing is quite simple and is often referred to as templating by some people, which isn’t wrong but it is just not true to the sense of the world.

When you choose to make use of a wireframe you will be paying for a frame (or template) of certain aspects of your website which you wanted.

It is, in essence, a blank shell in which you can add all the content you want to add with the added benefit of not having to create the “map” of your website.

 Can you get wireframes for free?

Now, most people will want to know if you can decent quality frames for free, and personally I have come across this question on many website building forums before and to be honest the answer is all the same.

Someone will post asking for a website address of a site that they can get a free frame and most people will say go search on Google and then some people will say something like the following;

“Hi, user_x, from personal experience I strongly recommend that you rather go to a website like https://www.polishedpixels.com.au/website-service/ux-usability-service-sydney/wireframing-prototypes the reason why you should make use of them is because they offer a professional service that is designed to help you build the site in which you want to have, and once you have bought your frame they will be more than willing to help you setup and change some of the issues or layout problems you are having.”

It is always nice to see people recommending websites which offer a service instead of just promoting a free site.

Paid Frames VS Free Frames

One of the biggest debates in the world is, should everything be for free?

Now the same applies to wireframes before I even go into free frames I understand the attraction of making use of one and I am going to stop you right there.

If you want to have a quality site and the additional support if something goes wrong, it is a better idea to make use of a paid wireframe which has been designed for your website.

Understand this, in life and in the website building industry you are paying for a service and what you pay for you will receive, there is no point in struggling for hours trying to set up a wireframe when you can pay for someone to design and help you with the setting up and maintaining your site.