How to Monitor the Minimum Advertised Price

When a retailer buys products from a manufacturer, he advertises the goods to create awareness in the market.  The lowest price at which he will advertise these goods is what is referred to as the minimum advertised price (MAP).

The manufacturers of these products suggest a retail price to the retailers. But due to stiff competition in the market, the retailers might be tempted to sell at a price lower than the manufacturer’s suggestion causing a price war and a negative impact on the value and perception of the brand/ product. This calls for MAP monitoring servicesfrom a recognized provider.

Here is a guideline on how to monitor your set minimum advertised policy.

  • Introduce your Minimum advertised policy to the respective parties

Notify your distributors and sellers of your MAP policy and give them a timeline to abide by the set rules. Explain to them the reasons that made you come up with the policy and the consequences of violating.


  • Provide a comprehensive summary of your MAP policy

After rolling out your MAP policy to the public, follow up by providing a summary which should be precise explaining that the policy is very important to your brand. Share with them your compliance rate, thanking the sellers who are already complying.

  • Start the enforcement process

Consistently follow up to find out the progress in the market.

  • Warn the violators

When you note some sellers are violating the policy, send them a warning to remind them that you are watching. Remember to be friendly, welcoming and professional. Do not evoke fear at this point.

  • Follow up the violators prices

After you have noted the violators and warned the, take a step of following up to find out whether they amended their prices.

  • Follow up with the non-complying sellers

Send a following up mail after the grace period expires. Encourage your sellers to comply with your policy. This follow up mail proves that you are true to your course.

  • Send a final mail to the sellers who keep violating your MAP policy

Be firm, assertive and professional. Explain to the violators the consequences that they will face if they keep violating. Clearly set out the reasons that led you to come up with the policy and why it is very important to your brand.

  • Cut off the non-complying sellers

If all your previous efforts do not pay off, go ahead and cut off the repeat violators from your network. Inform your distributors not to avail the products to such sellers. Do not compromise your profit margin and the brand’s value.

After all this, contact the violators and keep tab of you communication. Let the other seller know what happens to the violators. Keep repeating the process religiously to get rid of any loophole that might be used against your minimum advertised price policy.

In conclusion, it is not only important to protect your brand’s market value but also the welfare of your distributors/ retailers but ensuring their profit margin is not lowered by non-complying parties.