Why SEO and Web Design Need to Work Together.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will, in general, be an idea in retrospect for most organizations when they launch another site or site upgrade. A considerable number of customers need to consider SEO after the site is going generally in light of the fact that they don’t comprehend the significance that one has on the other.

Web optimization used to be thought of as the best stuff that is done to a current site to get it to rank higher in search engine results. A portion of the principal strategies that were utilized included keyword stuffing and third party referencing in secretive spots. Despite the fact that these tricks used to be pretty effective, search engines have turned out to be significantly more complex and won’t be tricked by black hat SEO any longer.

Search engines are now more concerned with the quality of a website and put importance on products such as the following:

Site Architecture

Search engines like websites that are organized and easy to understand and this includes the architecture of your website. Your website should include parent and child pages to help search engines understand how your content is organized. For instance, if you have a law firm you may have a parent page called “services” and then child pages describing each service such as estate planning or business succession planning. An organized URL structure would be something like the following: www.abclawfirm.com/services/estateplanning.

High-Quality Content

Search engines are not concerned about how many keywords you have if your content is poorly written. In fact, poorly written content could even get you penalized. Ensure the content you are publishing on your site is of high quality and also use headers that pertain to the paragraph below to keep it organized. You can still use your keywords, but don’t overdo it and stuff your keywords in every other sentence. Just make it sound natural.


A sitemap lists the web pages of your website to tell search engines how your website is organized. Search engine web crawlers read this file to crawl your website more accurately. Your web developer or SEO will be able to create your sitemap and submit it to the search engines.

High-Quality Backlinks

One of the methods search engines measure the importance of websites is by counting the number of links linked to a particular web page. The idea is that more important websites will likely have more links from other websites. This is one area where black hat SEO got its name. SEOs used to get pretty clever with where to place links such as by replying to forums with a link to the website. Search engines already know this tricky method. They require high-quality backlinks. One example of high-quality link building is getting a link from a local newspaper who wrote about your business and naturally just included a link to your company website, with this you are guaranteed high quality organic traffic.

Or maybe your business product is sold by an online retailer who naturally links to your website.

Planning out these details after a website is already built can be a huge hassle and may cause a lot of issues with your original plan, especially if you have to restructure your website and add or delete pages. Save yourself some hassle and energy by putting these items at the top of your list in the early stage.

We highly recommend working with a web development company who also specializes in SEO services. This will ensure that you not only get a beautiful, user-friendly, custom built website but that it is also optimized properly for search engines. Having these services provided by one company will also help keep the communication smooth and effective. Be sure to do follow up and not just being a middleman.

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