Online Class and Digital Marketing Plan: Combine To Monetize

Creating, launching, and hosting an online class seems to become a more popular trend than a few years ago. Certainly, it may feel a bit overwhelming when thinking about teaching an online class if it is your first time doing so. It should all come down to a sinlge simple question: What does your audience already want to know? When you already have been engaging with some audience or people online over the years, you will need to start breaking it down from a few sources such as your published articles, comments, or guest blog posts, etc. All the content and user feedback may already have given you a strong hint of the type of knowledge or topic that your audience may want to know and learn further. All you need now is to re-organize the content into presentable and learnable materials that can be sold.

From the perspective of the users, they want to grow. They want to improve their own selves by learning new information that may enhance their jobs or careers in their respective industries. Some users would simply be your long time followers over the internet, and they simply want to buy from you. Through one of the online platforms such as Udemy, or a self-hosting platform such as Teachable, you will be able to launch and host your online class. With Udemy, your earning may be minimal. Udemy may be taking a large portion of your sales revenue because the platform may be spending their effort to promote your class/course.

When you are self hosting your online class, that is when the problem appears. How do you even get people to visit your online class and sign up? You will need to create an internet marketing (or digital marketing) plan. The plan is not entirely the same as those plans that focus on a single or only a few markets (such as local marketing for Hong Kong). Through applying most of the appropriate and useful digital marketing techniques, you would be engaging a lot through social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, instant messaging such as Line, Whatsapp, Wechat, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and more.

In the beginning while you are planning and implementing, you may still be working full time at your day job. It will keep going like this for awhile. So it is important that you keep it as a side project. If you already possess programming background or skills, the implementation part will be much simpler. If you have zero knowledge on programming, you may rely on the help from some of the programming professionals or web developers. Certainly you cannot afford to hire one full time, and it is not economical. But you may hire them to work on demand basis. One of the best marketplaces to hire someone is through Upwork.