What You Need To Know About The Minecraft Bedrock Server

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One of the greatest advantages of Minecraft is its ability to collaborate with other gamers. Those with friends in Minecraft make use of various devices and platforms such as Vertex Skyblock which is a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server. But since collaborating can be problematic, you may want to think of how you can set up your own server and allow players on multiple devices to join you! The Bedrock Edition of the popular game enables gamers to use various devices to play on the same server. Other than that, there are various hosting solutions that can help in fulfilling Minecraft gaming needs.

What is Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Minecraft has been a popular game for some years now. New developments bring the game more and more device compatibility that help it gain broad appeal. More than 90 million people actively play the game every month.

To understand more about various Minecraft Editions, the most important thing to keep in mind is with who you can connect and play with, when you make use of each version. When you play the original game using the Java version, you have many restrictions. You can only communicate and play with other java users. It means that you cannot connect with some players if they use other versions or devices.

This is where the Bedrock edition comes to the picture; it can enable players to unite in the game world, regardless of the devices they use. It means an Xbox gamer can join a PC gamer in the same Minecraft game world. An important and notable matter is that there is no Bedrock release for Mac, because a Java client for Mac will not be able to connect to a Bedrock server.

Benefits of Hosting Your Own Bedrock Server

If you are an avid gamer of Minecraft, you might wish for more control and flexibility over the game world which you are a part of. The Bedrock Edition of the game can be your alley in this regard as there are various benefits of setting up your own server. Here’s a few of these benefits:

Cross-platform Play: If you host the Minecraft Bedrock server, you can play with friends across all platforms and multiple devices.

User Control: If there is a dedicated server such as Vertex Skyblock, you can easily gain full control over who joins the game and it can be a valuable safety mechanism with multi-generational players.

Customised Settings: The Bedrock Edition provides various customisation options in comparison to the Java edition and also includes a new option for character creation.

If you’ve observed carefully, you may notice that another benefit of Minecraft is the vast user community and wealth of online knowledge bases that you can easily access about the game. Vertex Skyblock is a free to play Minecraft Bedrock Server with the focus mainly on creating a fair place for gamers to have fun! The server is strictly not a pay-to-win server. So buying any products will not give any form of direct advantages over other players. The products available offer various ranks, perks, gadgets and much more. Want an awesome gaming experience? Get ready to host the Minecraft Bedrock server and enjoy now!