How to Make the Most of SMS Marketing

Not every SMS marketing strategy is the same. Some businesses completely incorporate SMS marketing into their overall plan, while others treat it as a side project. If you’ve already started using SMS marketing, here are some pointers on how to improve your performance.

  • Form an SMS Marketing Group

Large-scale SMS marketing campaigns are not do-it-yourself ventures. To get the best out of your marketing campaign, you’ll need a range of qualified professionals. You’ll need an SMS marketing platforms program professional, a retail expert, on-location signage coordinators, digital creative designers, social media specialists, a promotions specialist, a ROI and discount budget analyst, and more.

These areas must be organized, and since the SMS timeline is becoming increasingly compressed, the marketing team must collaborate closely and interact regularly about plans, tactics, and execution.

The more experienced your SMS team is, the more you’ll gain from effective marketing tactics.

  •  Get to know your customers

To monitor the progress of your messages, use a SMS marketing platforms. Check out this detailed guide to the best CRMs on the market. Analyze purchasing history and demographics based on location to deliver the right messages to the right people. If you’re a cosmetics company, don’t give a twenty-year-old from Boston an anti-wrinkle cream coupon for your Houston shop.  Segment your consumers for more targeted ads. Send out bulk messages for general sales and promotions that everybody will profit from.

  1. Make sure the messages are clear

Get to the point. You only have 160 characters to say something. If you can, do it in less time. Ensure that the message is clear and succinct, and that it is written in simple English. Abbreviations, emoticons, and all caps should be avoided. Using closed-ended messages as little as possible. An open-ended message is one that invites customers to a sale but does not specify when the sale will end. The client is unsure if the contract is for a day or a month. Clients are more likely to act if you send them a clear date when a deal ends or put an expiration date on a coupon because you’ve provided them with ample detail and opportunity.

  • Incorporate Call-to-Action Buttons into your design

Customers would be more engaged with your SMS marketing texts if you have calls-to-action. That’s exactly what you want them to do: be engaged, respect the texts you send, read, communicate with, and act on them. Here are some examples of effective call-to-actions:

“Show this text, “Customers would be more likely to participate in your campaign if you ask them to reveal the text in order to receive a discount. “Show this text for a 50% discount on your dinner tonight.”

“Click this link.”

You may not have enough space in your SMS message to provide all of the details your customer requires. Perhaps you’re hosting an event and want to include a link to a map, a video about the event, or a link to a page on your website with more information. In that case, a “Click here” button will take you to the relevant information.

Text-to-Win: A chance to win a reward or gift from your company will pique the attention of many customers. Customers’ participation is improved when they are asked to text in order to join the contest. Text-to-Win promotions are a successful way to remind consumers of your presence and continue can traffic and sales even though you aren’t running a sale or hosting an event.

Text-to-Vote: A voting system that allows you to vote by sending a text message.