What to Consider Before Buying LED Signs?

More and more agencies are trying to replace their traditional modes of advertising with new and unique ways. They are moving on from static to dynamic LED displays because of their innumerable benefits for the business. More people are getting attracted towards motion content for they are more appealing and attractive. If you want to keep your competitor out of the competition, upgrade your advertisements with this new technology and grab more market cap. Here, we have listed the points that you should consider while buying these signs.

Pixel pitch in LED

The pixel pitches or the dot pixels are a very important element in the part of the LED display. Pixel pitch is the distance that is present between the two pixels. This forms the deciding factor as to where should the LED be installed and what resolution must be screen be having. This is calculated in millimetres.

Resolution of the LED screen

The colour and the quality of the display of the advertisements completely depend upon the resolution of the screen. The resolution is in turn decided by the value of the pixel pitch, the frame of the LED and the optimal viewing distance of the customers from the screen. The price of the LED display also depends entirely upon the resolution it delivers.

Other hardware and software

When you are putting up a LED display, you as an advertiser will be requiring a good combination of hardware and software. Without these, your installation will be unsuccessful and the purpose of the screens will not be met completely.

You need to also ask a few questions to your vendors before you purchase the signs. Here are they listed:

What are the requirements for the LED installation?

You will need a combination of the following for the installation:

  • LED module and cabinet
  • 3 phases and single-phase power
  • Distribution box
  • Fabrication
  • Networking cables
  • Media players
  • Video processors
  • Software for schedule management

What is the power consumption?

For helping the display run smoothly, choose the ones that run on DC. Normally AC is available everywhere and you need to have an adapter that converts the DC to AC. This will make the consumption affordable for you and will not be a burden on your pocket.

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