How Omatic’s Data Integration Solutions Help Grow Your Nonprofit’s Impact

Access to accurate data can increase the impact of a nonprofit, while inaccurate data can undermine your ability to raise funds and pursue your mission. Investing in data integration solutions is worthwhile for nonprofit groups that want to maximize impact. Get a clearer sense of what data integration means and find out why Omatic is the best integration software for growing organizations.

What Is Data Integration?

Integration is a process that connects data across platforms. An organization may store data in a main database or in an internal database of constituent relationship software. Without an integration solution in place, the burden of exporting or importing information between systems falls on nonprofit staff. Depending on which software is in use, getting data out of one system and into another can pose a challenge.

In the context of not-for-profit organizations, nonprofit data integration often involves making constituent or contact information available across platforms. Many associations and foundations use Raiser’s Edge or other Blackbaud CRM software that can be difficult to connect with external software. Integration makes data stored in these systems or in a main database available when and where it is needed by nonprofit staff.

Omatic’s Solutions To Clean & Current Data

Omatic is the best nonprofit data management solution for integrating CRM software, databases and supported third-party applications. This cloud-based data integrations system spares nonprofit staff or volunteers from having to manually enter and manage data across platforms. Omatic Cloud supports automated imports with ImportOmatic and has many other useful functions.

Some of the most helpful features of Omatic Cloud include the Data Health and Integration Suite and the MergeOmatic tool for deduplication. These and other features can clean up data, complete or correct records and ensure that the data on every integrated platform stays up-to-date. Omatic is designed to work with the most popular CRM software and external applications used by organizations in the nonprofit sector.

Grow Impact With Integration

Integration can pay off when it leads to accurate and current data being available as needed by nonprofit staff. Rather than running into data dilemmas, fundraisers can move forward with engagement, outreach or giving initiatives. Integration can significantly increase impact when an email campaign reaches the intended recipients or any type of fundraising effort makes use of personalized details based on data from a main database or CRM.

The quality of the data maintained by an organization directly bears on its potential impact. Omatic supports Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce data integration and provides a full suite of features that can enhance data quality through automated imports and exports and utilities for checking the accuracy and completeness of records. It is also possible to use Omatic to manage queries and improve segmentation results for targeted donor messaging.

Omatic is a good choice for most nonprofits because this software connects the most common CRM, fundraising and engagement software in use at not-for-profit organizations. No matter the stage of your mission, taking steps toward making data more available and useful across platforms often coincides with the growth of an organization’s impact.