Ways to Increase Security With Phone Authentication

Today, the internet users are preferring mobile devices over desktop in accessing the different applications and services. Every day thousands of mobile applications are launched and to sustain in this competitive world, the most important factor on which they need to focus is the security. Security of users detail from the cyber attackers. No matter which is the device through which the service is accessed, security is considered as the most important factor. For businesses, keeping their users accounts secure is the first and foremost responsibility. Lack of security directly affects business reputation.

Keeping users information secure is necessary to build brand image, users trust and loyalty. Cyber attackers are everywhere and for businesses to keep them away has become a very challenging job. Allowing the right person to access applications requires right identity. This is the region where phone authentication can help businesses and app developers.

Because of the modern day identity, phone numbers have become the new face of the user identifier. Generally, users keep the same phone number for many of the applications they access and this too for many years. This makes tracking and collection of users data very easy.

The article will explain some of the effective ways to implement security measures with phone authentication.


Adding OTP authentication
OTP stands for the one-time password. In Phone registration process, the user gets a unique code that has been sent to him through different channels (SMS or voice call). The user then has to enter that code in the application in order to access it. Authenticating via phone keeps application secure from attackers even if the IP address is compromised.

Setting up expiration time

This is a continuous process of adding OTP authentication. Set up a time period for the expiration of unique code that has been sent to the users mobile. If the user is genuine, he will enter that code within a mentioned time period. This keeps apps secure.

Activating two-factor authentication

This is an another option to keep applications safe. Two-factor authentication adds an extra security layer. To authenticate services, users have to face two-different factors. Stealing passwords may be easy but getting access to the second factor is impossible. 2FA solution makes the whole system unhackable.

Location based authentication

Suppose a user is login an application from Canada and within an hour someone tries to access the same application from London. That clearly indicates something is going wrong. Location based authentication system automatically rejects such requests and saves applications from attack.

These are some effective methods that will definitely help in improving security with mobile phone authentication.