Here’s a look at several top GPS Tracker Apps

Using Global Positioning Systems for determining the precise geographic location/position of a person, place, vehicle, or any other device is called GPS tracking. The technology can be used to track the location of a person at regular time intervals as well. Lately, Leaflet GPS tracking has taken the market by storm as smart phones are found with at least one GPS tracker app. Ever since its introduction, the technology has come a long way with several modifications made for its improvement.

While each GPS tracker app has many exciting features to offer, some applications show better performance than the others. Discussed below are some of the best GPS tracker apps available for Android systems:


1.      mSpy GPS Tracker for Androids

mSpy is a popular monitoring app that has the capacity of monitoring almost all the activities of a specific user. It works, not just for a smart phone, but is also equally suitable for use with desktops. Working effectively in stealth mode, this powerful GPS tracker app traces the following:

  • Web history
  • GPS location
  • Images
  • Email
  • Videos
  • SMS
  • Social Media
  • Keystrokes

mSpy also tracks various other activities as well, including online and offline activities.

2.      Glympse

This is the easiest and simplest GPS tracking app for sharing geographical positions with someone. It does not require you to sign up anywhere or access any social media app. Only a time duration needs to be selected for which the user’s location becomes accessible with whom they have shared it. After the time expires, there is no way for them to see the user’s location anymore.

3.      Open GPS Tracker

This is also a GPS tracking application for Android. It stores the GPS location of the users and therefore, assists in tracking their travels on their smart phones. This is the perfect device for covering the itinerary of a vacation.

4.      Real Time GPS Tracker

A user can now show their exact geographic location to their family and friends on Google Maps by using the Real Time GPS tracking application. Similarly, the user can receive their loved one’s location as well. All that is needed is the installation of the application. It tracks the location whether the user is stationary or moving.

5.      Maverick GPS Navigation

The quality that distinguishes this GPS tracking device from other similar applications is that it operates even in offline mode. Therefore, it is the ideal app when the user is enjoying outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, skiing etc. It works by using global as well as regional online apps for tracking the location of the user. It not only provides the detail of a user’s present location but also keeps records of the user’s movements.

These are some of the most popular GPS tracker apps available at the moment. Make use of the amazing GPS tracking technology to keep an eye on your loved ones along with ensuring safety of your mobile devices.