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Virtual reality has taken the world by storm and is transforming our lives every day. It has already transformed the way you see the movies now we already hear rumors that it has the potential to transform the way we approach our education. As discussed the vr technology should be an amazing tool to implement in education, the reality is that it has been very slow to take off in the education fields. This is due to the cost factor attached to it, who can deny that the VR is super expensive to implement.

Nevertheless of the cost factor, the predictions are that by 2019 it will be becoming more mainstream. Some of the major players or developers in the VR market are already pursuing the deployment of VR in the field of education. Let us discuss the ways by which virtual reality can improve or is already improving education across the world.

  1. Field trips made virtual: Virtual field trips have created quite a storm in the educational department in schools and colleges across the world, and many schools have begun to use google expeditions to send students to places which is sometimes inaccessible. This is helping students understand geographical locations better than the normal classroom lectures that are sometimes hard to understand and can be a bit monotonous.
  2. Immersion of language: One of the better ways to learn or to know about a particular language is through the process of language immersion, as this requires the students to learn and speak the language on an everyday process. Since most of us cannot fly off to some other country for studying a particular language, virtual immersion is the next best possible thing that we can think of. Virtual reality simulations can basically trick your brain into thinking that the experiences are real. A number of language emersion tools are now under development under VR technology department.
  3. Skills Training: Virtual reality simulations can be very useful in helping the students in teaching them different skills. One of the biggest advantages of making the students in learning the skills in this way is that they can learn from realistic situations which is not in normal circumstances. Thus it eliminates the factor of learning a skill in situations that are out of control. Thus transforming education in a very big way.
  4. Architecture and design: Schools are also learning the virtual reality can ignite the creativity in every child through its innovative technology, especially when it comes to the field of architecture and design. For the last three years, David Beach, assistant professor at the Drury University Hammons School of Architecture, has been researching ways to apply VR in this field and suggested that it has endless possibilities that can create designs that can inspire the world. Here the students can invent designs without the worries of failure that is involved in life like situations. This will create designs that will make life more comfortable and safer for the people.

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