Office IP Telephones – An Easy and Feature-packed Telephony

IP telephone systems are configured to allow telecommunication through Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Such IP system helps businesses integrate their data and voice communications well under a single communication infrastructure or system, which was limited due to traditional phone systems. The implementation of VoIP technology in telephony enables computer and telephone networks to work together.

Benefits of IP Telephones:

  • Cost Effective: IP Telephone system is a real cost saver as compared to the traditional telephone systems as your monthly telecommunications expenses will be much lesser than the traditional phone system.
  • Mobility and Connectivity: IP phone system is known for a much better mobility and connectivity experience. You can simply move an IP phone from one place to another and it will carry the extension and configuration codes with it automatically. That makes it a simple plug and play telephony.
  • Installation and Configuration: IP telephone system is quite easy to install and configure Vis a Vis traditional phone system. With less complex operating procedures, an IP phone system can be installed and configured in lesser time.
  • Bundle of Utility Features: IP phone systems offers a range of features that make your business communication set up a really efficient one. Features like auto attendant, voice mail, teleconferencing, programmable buttons and many more can help you have a great communication set up.
  • Integration with Computer Networks: An easy integration of IP Telephony with computer systems and network helps you have video telephony and video conferencing under one set up.
  • Scalability: IP Telephone system offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of scalability. Businesses tend to grow over a period of time and then arises the need of additional resources that includes communication systems also. It is much easier to scale up your IP Telephone system as compared to the traditional analogue telephone system. You can add new lines by simply connecting a new IP phone to the router.

We all have seen how cumbersome it gets and involves extended hours of efforts to set up a single traditional analogue telephone system, let alone installing and maintaining an entire communication system. With the host of benefits and innovative features being offered by IP Telephony, it is quite evident that to have an enhanced and efficient business communication set up a system in today’s world, you need a system like IP Telephony.

You can consolidate your resources under a single infrastructure by integrating your data and voice communication, for increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. With a relatively easier maintenance of IP Telephone system, even from a remote network, you can minimize your regular maintenance costs. So, if you are pondering over which type of business telephone systems to use in your business set up, you may choose an IP Telephone Systems Yealink Office IP Telephones for its range of benefits.