Want to enjoy the real flavor of VR gaming? 

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With many game fanatics still hooked to the online multiplayer games, the gaming industry has sprung up with its next biggest surprise. Virtual reality games are no more just a dream for all you guys but it has been turned into a reality. 

Game developers around the world have already gone beyond the levels of imagination and created virtual reality escape room games. These games are a real way to enjoy and give you a thrilling experience. 

A virtual reality escape room game is……

Where you will venture into a mission with your friends or play against one another. You have to complete the mission within a stipulated time. You can choose different gaming scenarios such as war, enemy camp infiltration, hostage rescue, interstellar missions, etc. 

As soon as you put your headgear on and enter into this virtual room you will be able to see yourself and your friends in a changed avatar. 

So which is the best virtual reality game?

Fox in a Box and Entermission are two well established global brand of Escape Rooms. They provide you with the most thrilling virtual reality gaming experience. You will be left overwhelmed with the quality of details as you immerse yourself in a jaw-dropping experience. 


  • Fox in a Box


It is a well established global brand of Escape Rooms. Originated in Vienna the company has now grown in 4 continents and 33 locations. It has 7 different scenarios based on crime, war, and mysterious events. Click Fox in a Box to see all the amazing scenarios you can play at their Chicago center. 

Why chose Fox in a Box, Chicago?

It is the No. 1 ranked escape room VR game in Chicago. Global giants such as Google and Facebook have given them a 5-star rating. 

Who is it for?

It is for serious gamers who want to enjoy the real thrill of VR gaming. However, it has been suggested that if you want to spend a holiday with your employees and build attributes like teamwork this is the place to go. Many big companies such as JP Morgan, Deloitte, and Pepsi have hosted numerous day outing activities. 

How many persons are allowed and what is the game time?

Each room has a capacity of 6 persons and there are 5 rooms in all. So at once, they can host VR escape games for 30 persons. The total game time is 60 minutes. In the end, you are also offered refreshments and photos as a memento.  


  • Entermission


It is based in Sydney that also offers you a range of virtual reality escape rooms. But the reason it comes second on the list is that it offers you only two different scenarios- Space Heroes and Mad Mind.

Who is it for?

According to a host of reviews and comments posted it can be generally said that it is best for hosting your child’s birthday party and office outings. 

Want to give your children a never forgetting experience in their birthdays?

It is one of the best places for giving your children a thrilling experience if they love gaming. Both games are highly suitable for children. The best part is you can also send your invitations to your child’s friends in custom made invitation cards designed by Entermission.

So what are you waiting for? Click on Entermission VR Sydney to book your tickets now.   

Total persons allowed and game time

A total of 30 persons can enjoy the games at once with 5 rooms containing a maximum of 6 persons each. The total game duration is of one hour and you will be offered mementos and refreshments as well. 

So if you are a hardcore gamer or want to build team building in-between your employees or give a memorable experience to your children or their birthdays choose Fox in a Box or Entermission.