Our Experience with Manush Digitech SEO Services – In-Depth Review

Not every startup can afford High Quality SEO Services and there’s a simple reason behind it – BUDGET. But, what if we say, that SEO with a moderate budget is possible?

Confused? Here’s how.

We tried Manush Digitech SEO Services in a limited budget and we have a complete review on how they performed.

But before getting started, let’s get to know about Manush Digitech in short. Manush Digitech is a Digital Marketing Company in India that provides services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing and more.

But what made us choose Manush Digitech after so many big SEO Agencies in the market?

Reason 1 – Genuineness. We found Manush digitech SEO services extremely genuine and unlike any other agency that guarantees false results.

Reason 2 – Budget Friendly. This company had packages that fitted our budget. So, we wanted to experiment by grabbing their “Pro” SEO Plan.

But did Manush Digitech perform well in SEO within the low budget? Let’s find out.

Here’s how the deal went when we called Manush Digitech in Noida. Someone from the sales team explained their SEO Process and we asked for the proposal.

Their proposal clearly mentioned that no rankings are guaranteed within any specific time frame. At first we were skeptical about it, but then we read an article on MOZ stating why no SEO Agency guarantees first pages rankings.

It seemed fair enough. However, all we wanted was to increase the organic traffic on our website.

Note: Our website’s niche was “Musical Instruments.”

So, here’s how they handled our SEO Project

Manush digitech did a free SEO audit of our website with some profitable keyword research. They did not charge for the initial audit and provided an in-depth report of what SEO improvements are required on our website.

Their selection of the keywords for our websites was commendable. They keywords selected were having good monthly searches and the competition was quite low, so they promised a guaranteed increase in organic traffic in approx. 6 months.

So, did we get the result? Or were they just another SEO agency that guarantees results and disappears?

Well, theyturned out to be awesome as an SEO agency.

6 months passed by and here we are. Our organic traffic increased from zero to around 500 visitors a month (which was quite satisfying based on our niche).

Some of our keywords even showed in the featured snippets of Google. Below is the screenshot of the results we got from Manush Digitech SEO Services.

In addition to this, we got more than 40 keywords ranked in top 10 results of google with SEO services offered by Manush Digitech. Extremely Impressive.

But, what about the budget?

We spent barely $500 a month depending upon the competition of our keywords and the quality of link building by Manush Digitech.

Was it worth spending? Yep. Definitely, Not bad, if you are limited with the budget initially.

However, in our case, we were satisfied with the Return on Investment. Not to mention, they saved huge on our pay per click budget.

Final words on Manush Digitech SEO Services

Based on our experience, we would highly recommend startups to go for Manush Digitech SEO Services in Delhi. Specially if your budget doesn’t allow you to spend huge on SEO.

Talking about their final results, our keywords are still ranking in SERPs and we are generating a good amount of leads.

Our Rating: 10/10