Top 5 Best Torrent Sites in the USA (2020)

There are hundreds of torrent sites available on the internet, some of which work, others don’t. With the government of every country taking stern measures to curb the piracy business, many of the torrent sites have been shut while some are finding ways to continue operating. We have brought to you a list of the 5 best active sites that people are using the most in the USA. Not only do they function well, but also provide content in high quality at high speed. We have made this list based on several factors like their downloading speeds, active servers, etc.

Let’s have a look below:

The Pirate Bay

Of all the active torrent sites in the USA, the Pirate Bay is the best of all. It’s user friendly and has a simple user interface. The best part of this site is the search box which lists the best results for your searches. This helps users to find fast, safe, and popular torrent links. The site has a huge collection of every type of content. No matter you want to download movies, music, videos, games, etc. this site is sure to provide you with your favourite contents. However, the site changes its domain name frequently in the feat of getting blocked. Users need to use this site from a VPN server to maintain their anonymity.

Kickass Torrents

Just like the pirate bay, Kickass Torrents also provides a huge library of contents to its users. The contents are available in various formats. Also, the site provides good audio and video quality. Downloading contents from this site is really easy because of its well-classified categories. No matter which film, music, video, game you are looking for, Kickass Torrents would provide you with several downloading links for that content. Needless to say, for accessing this site, users need a VPN connection. The best part about this site is that there’s a minimal advertising intervention. What makes this torrent domain so popular is its excellent organised, simple layout. If greatly enhances user experience.


This site helps torrenting easy with its intuitive, friendly user interface. Its comprehensive collection of contents and the detailed information available on each of the contents has further made it popular among users. The site has its contents divided into clean categories. One can use the categories to search for one’s favourite content or directly search the content on the search bar. Similar to other torrent sites, one needs a VPN connection to access this site. The site rarely has pop-up ads and provides high-quality audio and video to its users. For identity verification, the site requires its users to enter a captcha.


People who use torrent quite often are well acquainted with this site. This site is popular for its high content collection, fast servers, and downloading links and high-quality content. The benefit of using this site is that it offers you with the top-rated torrents. You can get trailers, movies of any language, web series, documentaries, and whatnot. Also, if you are looking for eBooks, games, and albums, this is the site for you.


Recently, EZTV has become one of the most visited sites for downloading tv shows. It brings to users a fantastic collection of TV functions, shows, serials, etc. Its ad-free user interface and comprehensive categories have further made it a popular torrent site. However, recently, the site has enlarged its collection of contents and now provides several types of movies, documentaries, thrillers, music videos, albums, etc. to be downloaded in high resolution.

All the sites mentioned above are accessible for free. Torrenting is one of the fastest ways of downloading and data sharing. But you need to protect your data and identity while using torrents. For that, you must use a VPN server to make sure your details remain anonymous.