How to watch Netflix for free during COVID -19

It is obvious to be bored during this COVID 19 and one of the best ways to get rid of this problem is using Netflix and watching series and movies. But if you don’t have money for Netflix subscription it’s a severe problem but no worries today I am going to tell you an effective way by which you could be able to watch Netflix without giving even a single penny just by using VPN.

Before knowing about the trick to be applied let us first know some things about VPN

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network, is used to do some hidden things which could not be done with your present network like you can access to different private websites like which are unavailable in your country or state, you can also access to a high-speed network by using VPN features.

How would VPN help to get a free Netflix account?

VPN is an effective way to enjoy Netflix’s subscription free of cost. You would see many VPN offering to give Netflix subscriptions. You Just need to download them and just start using Netflix and enjoying its features.

How to download VPN?

Downloading VPN is very easy, you can download it in ways firstly you can download some on Play store but Google play store doesn’t provide this type of apps so there are very low chances of getting VPN for free Netflix account in the play store, So, the next option that you can follow is that you should first go to your search engine and then search VPN for free Netflix account then you will get many such apps which is suitable to you just download it apply it and then you are ready to use Netflix account free of cost.

Advantages of using VPN to access free Netflix account:

This method is a very effective way to enjoy a free Netflix accounts and passwords to watch your favorite series. One of the best advantages of using a VPN is that it is free of cost, also many people provide these VPNs at low costs that are also not a bad thing because their charges are so low. And the next advantage of using a VPN to get a free Netflix account is that you can enjoy watching each and every series or movie available on Netflix globally.

Disadvantages of Using VPN to access free Netflix Subscription

Just think there must be something inappropriate in those apps so it’s not available on Play store. It is said that VPN causes data loss, moreover accessing other data without their permission is an illegal thing. Also, we can’t predict that this trick would be working life long.

Note: If you met with any data loss or other inappropriate things we are not responsible for that. Use this method at your own risk.


In this article, I have shared with you an easy and effective way that you can use to enjoy free Netflix subscriptions during this COVID-19 pandemic. So, use them and enjoy them.