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An editor of Eurogamer shows that he can get tier 200 from tier 7 in one fell swoop, but then the wallet must be pulled. Recently, there was a lot of criticism of Activision on this point. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had no microtransactions upon release. However, that soon changed: COD Points were introduced at the end of October. Those points are necessary to purchase certain weapons, buy Special Orders on the Black Market or gain higher tiers in this black market. The shoe pinches especially with the latter. 

There are at least 250 tiers and players receive rewards for their progression. Even though developer Treyarch has slightly increased the progression speed, it still takes a long time. Eurogamer described it as a “soul-destroying grind” and Forbes talked about “huge toil”. Players also expressed genuine criticism on Reddit, it would be a ‘diluted sales version’ of Fortnites Battle Pass, reaching tier 200 roughly taking over 250 hours. Now that the use of the lol smurfs is optimum, you can have the smartest solutions in every way.

Cosmetic microtransactions

Game makers who consciously or not consciously make a progression system relatively slow to motivate players to accelerate the grind through microtransactions are a practice that can be criticized. Microtransactions are also available in games in a different way, apart from progression systems. They are usually purely there to make cosmetic adjustments, such as obtaining weapons of a different color or characters that look completely different, including completely new, different animations. These kinds of microtransactions that provide purely different looks have been used for years.

The Special Options

Especially in free-to-play games, these cosmetic microtransactions are a widely used and accepted by gamers to still generate income. Riot Games and Valve annually bring in tons of money with League of Legends and Dota 2 respectively, purely because players voluntarily provide certain champions and heroes with a ‘total makeover’ against payment of an average of a few euros. According to Superdata, all of these microtransactions raised Riot Games $ 2.1 billion in 2017, with Valve adding $ 406 million in that year.

The New genre

But this means is also used very successfully outside the moba genre. The creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds already collected $ 712 million in eight months in 2017, according to research agency Superdata, which can be largely attributed to micro transactions due to the relatively low purchase price of the shooter. 

And that’s what Epic Games with Fortnite: Battle Royale goes over with ease. The cosmetic rewards Fortnite players will be able to unlock based on the Battle Pass purchase via V-Buks earned the company a profit of $ 3 billion throughout 2018, according to a TechCrunch source. Partly because Epic Games is raking in these kinds of astronomical amounts with the virtual licks of paint and hip fashion items, the means of the cosmetic micro-transaction will probably be found in games for many years to come.