PUBLICAE – Political & Charity Outreach Technology

Politicoin – PBLC value added agenda promotions platform powered by users and Etherum blockchain.

PUBLICAE is a new player in the Crypto sphere, they are creating a political advertising platform where users can be rewarded with the ERC-20 utility token called Politicoin (PBLC). People can provide their attention to ads and earn the PBLC token. The PUBLICAE platform is being created using distributed Etherum ledger technology. It enables political and charity advertisers to purchase the attention of people and reward them as a “token” of appreciation. Users can earn PBLC by watching video ads from publishers and convert their PBLC tokens to fiat currency or choose to donate some value back to their preferred organization.

The platform offers a secure KYC process and transparent and ethical outreach tools for Politically Exposed Persons and NGOs. Through these tools, users can offer their support and organisations can tokenize their advertising efforts on the decentralized PUBLICAE DApp platform. The PUBLICAE utility token revenue model drives the functionality of their platform where their mobile app which is now live for iOS and Android named “PBLC Wallet” includes features which will serve as an integrated fundamental role on their platform.

By incorporating PUBLICAE blockchain technology and Politicoin to their advertising structures, political parties and non-governmental organizations like charities can minimize the burden of administrative advertising costs, reach a wider audience of potential donors and supporters as well as enable a higher level of accountability. The PUBLICAE team seems to be highly qualified and knowledgeable crypto industry professionals fully capable of executing their roadmap and plan as depicted in their Whitepaper. They are currently expanding their operations while Crowdfunding their efforts as they also are working to advance towards an Equity Token Offering (ETO) and an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).