The Newest Form Of Addiction Whatsapp: What You Should Know?

WhatsApp is a free messaging service that provides owned by Facebook. It allows the sending of text messages, voice and video calls along with documents, user location, images and other forms of media. This application runs on a mobile device while it is connected to the internet. It is one of the premier social network platforms in the world. With innumerable users and messages per month, WhatsApp has evidently taken over the place of classical text messaging that we were familiar with some years back. With its user-friendly and efficient operational tasks with no shutdown and blackouts, it is gaining more and more popularity every passing day.

To some, it is an easy way to communicate with friends and family while for others it turns into almost an addiction and taking over them. They fail to resist themselves from visiting WhatsApp even in their busiest hours. Some even feel depressed when they don’t receive any messages for quite some time.

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For those who are trying to overcome such addiction, simply uninstalling the application might not be entirely helpful. Cutting off from everyone in the hope of recovering from this addiction might not be the solution. Instead, you need to take charge of when and how often you use this application to get over your addiction.

  • Use other forms of communication

Don’t depend on WhatsApp and make it your one and only form of communication for reaching out to your friends and family. Give a call to that person or meet up in person.

  • Set a different notification alert for WhatsApp

By changing your WhatsApp notification tone differently from your other tones you will be able to discriminate whether the notification you receive is from any other application or indeed from WhatsApp. This will help you compute how you would acknowledge incoming alerts.

  • Remove the icon from your home screen

By removing the WhatsApp icon from your home screen you will find it tuff to locate the icon in time when your addictive hand will b searching for it which might lead you to lose interest in launching it at all.

  • Restrict the time you allot

It is crucial that you limit yourself from using this application. Try to avoid checking your account while you are working, studying or spending time with your friends and family. Finish the work at hand and only after that go back to check your account.

  • Set a proper WhatsApp status

When people see your status is always set to “Available” on WhatsApp, they will text you several times a day with trivial and insignificant messages, which will lead to inessential gossip discussions. Changing your status to “Busy” or “Unavailable” will keep this at bay. It will further filter the number of insane alerts you will receive in a day.

Not many years ago, most of us were suffering from Facebook addiction. Nowadays the number of such people has reduced only to be reinstated by platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. surely the aforementioned tips will be able to help you beat your addiction.