Uninterrupted Power Supply for Play Station 4

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The PS4, launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment, has indeed changed the gaming landscape throughout the world. With more than 20 million users worldwide, PS4 not just provides an incredible gaming experience, by constantly improvising upon multiplayer game streaming and virtual reality, but has additional features like media streaming, USB Playback, Cloud computing to store a games progress and what not!

UPS compatible with PS4

A UPS compatible with PS4 could take care of both, the console as well as the TV set connected with it all at once. An upgraded version of Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for PS4 [เครื่องสำรองไฟ PS4 , which are the term in Thai] is required and not the regular one used at homes as it would have to deal with more current input to serve the purpose.

The chosen UPS must have a stable performance with a good battery backup and a decent design and should be efficient enough to protect the device during an electrical surge.

Benefits of Uninterrupted Power Supply for PS4 Users

Better and satisfying gaming experience

Often blackouts or power cuts at critical moments of a game can be extremely frustrating for the user. UPS would allow the user to save his/her progress in the game and vouch for a better gaming experience.

Losing edge in a multiplayer game could be even more disturbing, in times when competitive gamers put in their all to have the edge; UPS could take care of that.

Prevention of loss of important files and data

With the loss of power supply important game-related database could be lost and the user would have to start all over again with the progress he/she has made in the game.

Protection of the PS4

Sudden fluctuation in the power supply could be stabilized by the UPS; it could buffer a sudden surge in power and meanwhile protect the Play Station.

Has an impact on the economy and revenue

With so many companies entering the gaming market, an uninterrupted power supply is extremely important to be in the competition and for generating revenue and greater demand.

Sense of security to the user

With the user being sure that he/she has enough time of backup to save the data, which is precious a sense of security prevails.