The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media networks have increasingly become an essential part of company marketing. You’ve probably wondered which one is the best for business marketing, with many social media sites available. There’s no one network, though, which is perfect for all companies. It’s unlikely, for instance, to suggest that your company should prefer Facebook over some other kind of social media site.

Although Facebook has been incredibly successful for brand promotion, it is not always right for every type of brand, and it is not still suitable for every kind of customer.

Choosing the right forum for your company on social media

When it comes to social media marketing, the best bet is to choose the platform that is the best match for your brand. This means analyzing the platforms to see whether the user base is there, whether they are involved with brands or not, and if the platform suits the brand’s personality.

For example, Instagram should be one of your top choices if your brand aims to cater specifically to millennial females. This platform appears to draw more women than men, and than other channels, more people under the age of 25.

Alternatively, if you’re a B2B brand, on LinkedIn, a forum that appeals specifically to professionals and brands looking to communicate with other professionals, you will find more success.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I a business with B2B or B2C?
  • Who’s my target market for clients/targets?
  • What’s my ultimate social media marketing objective? Is it to sell, to reach, or to create awareness of the brand?

How to evaluate the social media campaign’s success

The next move is to find ways to monitor your progress until you determine which channel you’re going to integrate into your marketing campaign. Fortunately, several instruments can help you evaluate the efficiency of your social media marketing activities.

ESPs such as Campaign Monitor allow you to merge email marketing and social media with a dashboard that shows you how many social media shares you have received and how many email campaigns are being forwarded.

Other ways your success can be tracked include:

  • Engagement control (shares, likes)
  • Determining main influencers
  • Tracking how many backlinks you get.

Does that count?

Some individuals may question whether they should invest the time and money involved in developing a social media marketing campaign. Is more really needed if they’ve already taken the necessary time to work on their email marketing campaign?

Yes. In reality, it’s a must these days to combine social media marketing with your email marketing campaign. It is estimated that approximately 3.2 billion people actively use social media, and many of them follow brands, not just their friends and relatives.

Social media helps you to:

  • Establish your brand and the voice of your brand
  • Conduct research to see what the perfect client wants and needs.
  • Boost the scores on the search engine.
  • Generate new leads.

A great way to connect with your customer base is through social media. This helps you to quickly solve problems, which will not only make your clients happier but will also help you save money.

Clients are also more likely to spend money on social media with an organization that they can communicate with. Social media helps to humanize a brand, and customers want to endorse brands they consider essential.