The 10 Most Popular Shopify Apps For Your Shopify Store

The Shopify App Store is the perfect place to go if you are looking for different ways to increase your sales. However, it can be difficult to find your way around the many options offered by free and paid apps.

That is why we did the work for you: we researched the currently best rated, most used, and most recommended apps among all Shopify retailers (and what we think of them).

1- Recover Cart Pusher:

It is a free Shopify app that automatically sends notifications to the visitor if the order process is canceled. This app saves time and improves the chance that abandoners will come back and buy.

But here is the catch: We strongly recommend not to send such automated emails if the order process is canceled within the EU, as it does not comply with current legislation.

2- Free shipping bar by Hextom

A free app that better alerts the visitor to free Shopify shipping apps in your Shopify store to increase sales.

The idea behind it is simple: you show your visitor how far he or she is away to qualify for free shipping. The visitor is then inclined to add more items to the shopping cart in order to save money.

Many experts regard this approach as a proven means of increasing the average shopping cart value. We recommend every retailer to test this app (and see what effect it has on the average shopping cart value).

3- KIT

Free app that allows you to run better Facebook ads. Kit sees itself as your own marketing employee who finds the right target group and increases your shop sales. Kit also helps you convert visits into sales by setting up dynamic, targeted campaigns for you.

And the coolest thing: it is completely controlled by Facebook Messenger. Worth giving a try if you’re just starting out with marketing and want to manage your campaigns while on the go.

4- Yotpo

Initially free app, but it can generate fees relatively quickly (and these can become quite expensive as the number of customers increases). It generates customer content (and thus social proof) by collecting product reviews, photos, and Q&A with a single email or directly on the website itself from the customer.

You will be able to present product reviews and testimonials on your website, which ultimately leads to an increase in your conversion rate.

YotPo really is the nicest option on Shopify (and is used by all the leading Shopify stores). For this reason, we recommend considering a workaround: installing the free Shopify review app and adding the add-on. It has almost the same features and is cheaper – a recommended workaround.

5- Bold upsell.

Offers upsell and cross-sell products to increase your shop sales. It will increase the average shopping cart value by suggesting suitable products to the visitor when they are added to the shopping cart (or with a checkout step) via a pop-up. Together with Bold’s app “Bold Brain”, it can even suggest and generate suitable upsell & cross-sell offers based on previous sales data.

This app is perfect when you have multiple products that go well together and complement each other. As a rule of thumb (based on various studies): The proposed upsell / cross-selling product should ideally be significantly cheaper and add value to the original product (e.g., memory card, bag, or additional battery if a customer buys a camera)

6- Ultimate sales boost

The app features a countdown timer and low stock indicator to encourage customers to buy now and not miss the opportunity. It shows visitors to the site, recently sold items and a trust symbol to build trust and thus increase shop sales.

Not the best app for every store as it could be too intrusive. But generally, an app to consider if you’re planning a sale or other special campaign that you want to create urgency.

7- Sales pop by Beeketing:

Free app that aims to increase your sales. It informs the customer about the last sales, it shows the buying activity in your store via pop notifications in real time, to ultimately increase the conversion rate of your store.

In addition to this app, there are many other apps in the Shopify app store with a similar function. Generally, a nice app to consider as it adds further social proof to your shop.

8- Auto currency switcher

Free trial for 15 days, then subscription. It helps your customer avoid having to manually convert the product price into their own currency. It also generally helps when selling abroad. An app that you should consider if you want to offer your products internationally without opening a second shop for them.

But unfortunately, there is a catch: the currency cannot be displayed in the checkout. When the visitor reaches the checkout, the currency switches back to the original currency (stored in the Shopify backend).

9- Infinite options

Free app that helps create an unlimited number of custom options for your product, including texts, numbers and drop-down menus. You can also personalize the products with individual prints and other options.


30 days trial period and then fees may apply. It increases the willingness to buy by displaying the remaining inventory (in case the inventory is low). It also increases confidence using social proof by showing recent customer purchases. In addition, it offers fully customizable templates and designs with no pop-ups.

These are the top rated, most rated, and most featured apps on blogs or related content. Many of these featured apps are worth trying and worth trying out!