The French more and more followers of all the last download (and paying)

The French more and more followers of all the last download (and paying)

You your feature movies, you have them? By simply buying them on DVD or even Blu-Ray? From hacking? Or downloading Them for hard money? As per a research, the French are more Seduced by the finished download (or even “EST” to “Digital Unlike the Timeless VOD, the EST Permits You to Get a job and maintain the electronic file to relish if wanted. Countless platforms provide it: Sony PlayStation …

65 million euros in earnings

In 2016, the final download accounted for 17% of the turnover of the digital video marketplace (against 31 percent for the SVOD, such as Netflix orPlay, and 52 percent for the rental VOD). That’s a turnover of 65 million euros. This is the equal of the earnings of all HD movies free download the VOD in 2008-2009. “Structurally, it’s a market which offers satisfactions. There’s a true challenge, “notes Jérôme Chabazite, associate manager of AQOA.

To “However, our extrapolation makes it feasible to obtain results perfectly in accord with the market”, reassures Jérôme Chabazite.

Star Wars King Downloads

The French, champions of piracy, do they come back in the rank? “We’re in a dynamic marketplace, that has been performing well since its inception and is not overly short of breath such as leasing VOD. It tends to stagnate concerning turnover, “says Romain Curler, associate director of AQOA. For their own part, the publishers also have understood all of the advantage they could find in the final download: a movie purchased in digital supplies more earnings than a rented movie. To enhance the revenue of this EST, they do not hesitate to provide some of their titles to get final download before renting them.

“In 2016, for example, we watched exclusivity windows to get a weekend or maybe two weekends,” says Romain Curler. “It will make it possible to go for the enthusiast collector that has gone digital or the impatient spectator that has an excellent buying power,” adds Jérôme Chabazite.

Cost and procedure: lifting wheels

However, downloading a job definitively is not given. Viana, the past Disney, is supplied at 13.99 euros (at SD) and also 16.99 euros (in HD) on iTunes.

Virtually The cost of its “bodily” variant, on DVD or Blu-Ray. “Overall, the price of a last download stays somewhat below that of the physiological medium,” however notes Romain Curler. Remains for movie fans wanting to build a valid digital video library some provide difficulties. Thus, all platforms do not yet offer a definitive watch films online : the box Orange aren’t compatible; SFR suggests it only about the Numeric able box along with the box of new creation; Free provides him onto a fantastic portion of the box park, but it’s limited to Dinette, kind of Disney virtual movie library Free box. Thus, the development potential of this EST remains constrained. While being ample. “As Orange, the French leader in VOD, will offer fresh accessibility, new customers will be enticed,” Jérôme Chabazite forecasts.

A nugget for publishers

There Will also be a few compatibility difficulties. Frequently EST movies can only be bought in their supplier’s cloud. We’re far in the hacked file that could navigate from a USB to a computer. In summary, not always easy for good will to browse. The fact remains that for rights holders, the last download may constitute according to Jerome Gagauzian real nugget”.

Even If the “bodily” market falls from year to year, then it dominates with 600 million euros of turnover in 2016, against 400 million euros for the digital one. The EST is nesting: within just six years, its weight in the VOD has risen from 6%

to 17%, while the SVOD has risen from 9% to 31%. Based on AQOA, the burden of the TSE could surpass 10 percent in 2017.

Looking Giving it a window of manipulation of its own. This could be after 3 months of manipulation in theatres and ahead of the 4 lawful weeks preceding the current Video exploitation. It remains to persuade the operators. For their own part, Publishers are mostly hot boiling.