Steps to deal with customer enquiries

Running a business means you will have to handle customer enquiries as well. Whether the enquiries are general or you have to deal with upset customers, either ways it could be challenging. You would want to handle the situation in a manner that reassures your customer that your company has great potential. Your approach towards dealing with customer enquires will communicate a lot about the health and credibility of your organization.

In many occasions you could be likely to address queries as well as complaints raised by customers. Whether you run a service or a product oriented business, customer issues and complaints regarding product or service delivery is not uncommon to any business. Under such circumstances its best to handle all customer queries maturely and patiently, so as to retain customer interest, earn their loyalty and preserve goodwill of your company.

Tips to handle customer complaints:

As a business owner its essential to effectively deal with customer enquires with a view to turning dissatisfied customers into active marketers of your business.

-Listen carefully to the customer issue, whether through chats, on phone or email. Instead of taking to a defensive approach of responding to their queries, understand the crux of their problem. If attending to queries on the phone, repeat their query to ascertain you have listened and noted their issues carefully.

– It’s a good idea to ask the customer relevant questions on their complaints as the more information you get from them, the better you will be able to understand their perspective.

– As an entrepreneur you want to attract more customers, not drive them away. Choose not to argue, instead try to instil faith in the customer through your communication that ensures them that you understand and empathize with their situation.

– Make a sincere initiative to apologise. When a customer understands that the inconvenience is really regretted from your end as well, it can resolve their primary grievance.

– It’s a good idea to rope in your customer’s opinion on the solution that would be acceptable to them. Building a partnership approach in resolving the issue is a wiser way of dealing with customer enquiries.

– A happy customer is one who has the issue resolved at the end of the day. So, go ahead and work out the necessary means to address the enquiry or solve the issue at the earliest. Research reveals that customers often prefer instant solutions to their queries as they speak on the phone itself. In case of complex queries that need intervention or discussion with higher chain of command in your organization, ensure a mechanism to respond to the grievance quickly and promptly. Be aware of your customer’s urgency and attend accordingly, so that the process of resolving the matter does not get expensive or frustrating for your customer.

A structured approach to handling customer enquiries can prove constructive and beneficial in many ways, regardless of your industry. Try it out or contact the Sydney SEO firm, and surely you will have a result.