Find Your Ultimate Courier Dispatch Software

Dispatches constitute the core of a delivery operations team which necessitates a courier dispatch software. It helps in easy management of the logistics business. A good courier dispatch software has the certain features such as automated dispatching, routing, and real-time courier tracking, reduction of the manual processes and cut off the paperwork through phone calls and emails that lead to an enhancement of the operational performance to a significant extent. This, in turn, results in productivity enhancement and customer satisfaction.

Dispatchers are responsible to manage various ongoing tasks for a smoother flow of the operations even during large volume deliveries and hectic situations. Bringg provides various dispatch modules for specific management needs and decisions that provide real-time visibility for the whole delivery ecosystem. Its courier dispatch software is responsible for the management of the dispatch workflows on a real-time basis.

The flexible platform for delivery logistics presents 3 dispatch options:

1.Manual mode:

This option lets the dispatcher allocate a specific task to a driver manually which is suitable for the companies that do not have a congested timing and prefer discretion in personal or geographical considerations.

The features included in this mode are the assignment for the on-shift drivers only, viewing of the number of orders assigned to a particular driver the dispatchers, determination of the future assignments based on the visibility of the ETA to base.

2.Grab mode:

This mode assigns the available delivery to the drivers on first come first serve basis after sending them a notification. They can use their discretion to accept or reject the assignment.

3.Auto Dispatch Mode:

This is an automated assignment of the delivery tasks to the drivers as per predefined priorities based on custom business rules such as low costs, efficient use of resources and shorter distances for delivery. There are different custom parameters to make sure that this mode is in full sync with the management policy and decisions.

Some of the functions that can be performed in this mode are:

-The assignment of a task to a driver by the system on the basis of a particular geographical radius assigned to it.

-Grouping the tasks on the basis of maximum distance and time needed to reach the destinations.

-Ensuring on-time delivery through the creation of optimal routes.

-Maximizing the number of tasks for every delivery.

-Enhancement of visibility during the preparation phase for dispatch optimization.

Other features of this Courier dispatch software offered:


Visibility of the entire system is enabled through real-time transparency.


It provides flexible options to opt for a dispatch model that best suits the needs of a company.


The easy-to-use feature enables the dispatchers to easily handle the deliveries on time as well as assign the task to the drivers.


Effectiveness is ensured through simplification and streamlining of the workflows across the system, throughout the process.


It allows for customization by assigning rules as per the specific preferences of a company.