Special Solution Needed for Transparency and Improvement in Traceability

As per the Blockchain news, in today’s market, one of the main issues is the Food traceability factor which is gaining popularity. A special need has been required to find a suitable solution in order to improve the environment and providing true transparency and traceability help. Blockchain technology has proven to be beneficial for the chain of supply and they are a natural fit for the executives and investors who may be resisting from becoming the first adopters.

IBM and PIL collaborate

In order to carry out such big projects, IBM’s blockchain platform for orange shipments can be driven by big players of the market so that the potential blockchain technology can gain confidence in order to lead the project and be supported to make an impactful difference in the state of food traceability in the coming future. The collaboration between the big guns, IBM and PIL is now being supported by the internationalbankers and other firms so that entire process of shipment should get simplified and become more transparent. It will help in reducing the cost required in processing the document and be helpful in cost saving.

The recent pilot project has proven successful when PIL and IBM get collaborated so that they can track the shipment of oranges to China using real-time visibility and more accurate information through Blockchain technology.

Undeniable Failure of Crypto Market Bear

The Bitcoin Cash price along with other cryptocurrencies like Stellar, NEM which have been considered losers in the past week market analysis. The cryptocurrency has lost near about 15% of its value and has sunk low in the ranking on the charts. There is no denying fact that the market has been testing with failures for quite a sometime now. In the 2018 year, the cryptocurrency tests and Bitcoin support levels have been failed to maintain the support levels.