Social Media Marketing Tips You May Not Know About

Social media marketing tips are dime a dozen. Yet, there may be some stuff in there that you may have never considered. If you want to be a social media pro, here are several techniques you must know about:

Use Visuals to Optimize Links

Want to promote a link on a social media channel? Then don’t post it with text. Instead, use images or infographics. Social media users generally respond to visual imagery better than text. Let’s face it; the typical Facebook or Twitter feed is littered with content and banner ads. Social media marketing pros like Primal often emphasize that the only way to stand out is with a really compelling image that immediately grabs a user’s attention. If you want your links to be visible, use visuals that will drive traffic.


Use Images on Twitter Too

The best possible tweet may not consist of just the right words and the perfect hashtag. The best possible tweet also contains a compelling image. As mentioned above, visuals are important for standing out in crowded social media feeds. Twitter is one of these feeds where an image can make or break a tweet.

Use Different Content Formats

Have a 500-word article about something interesting? Don’t simply post the link to the article on social media sites. On Twitter, you can tweet the link accompanied by a relevant hashtag. But on Facebook, you can offer accompany the link with a compelling textual message. On Instagram, you can use an image to promote the link. And on YouTube, you can offer a snippet with a video. Similarly, switch up formats when you promote content. Do not do the same thing across all social media channels. Combine tactics to best attract users depending on the channel.

Combine Blog Posts into an E-Book

If you have written multiple articles about a single subject, you can easily combine these articles in to an ebook to promote on social media. You can also link ebooks on email lists. You don’t have to monetize using the ebook, you can offer it for free as a gift or an incentive. Having an ebook will give your blog more authority. You can promote it while promoting your blog as well. It’s also a great way to use the maximum potential of your content.

Use StumbleUpon

Most brands want to promote content on all social media channels that currently exist. This is not really a viable plan. Your business should ideal have a channel plan where you choose the channels with the best ROI to promote. That being said, have you ever wondered whether you are using the best channels for your content? StumbleUpon is a rather underused social network that connects members with specific types of content. This is more targeted than posting an ad on a channel like Facebook. Certain brands can enjoy great success on a user specific platform like StumbleUpon. So, do not limit your social media choices and do not waste money on channels that offer little ROI. At the same time, do not overlook channels like StumbleUpon that can generate great leads.

Also, you can try refreshing old content. Do you have an article that enjoyed a lot of shared on Facebook a while back? You can still reuse it, but in a different format. You can make a video out of that article and share it on YouTube. Recycle old successful content and find new channels for them without reposting the same thing.