A brief review on Google web Hosting


When we hear something about Google, we already assume that it is going to be great. It is our conception because of the services that Google has provided us with over the years. But Website hosting a new thing that Google might be doing, or we just haven’t heard of it yet.

So, whenever we come across something new we always go for the reviews provided by the people who have used those products or services. Likewise, we need the google web hosting reviews in order to know whether they are worthy or not.

Google Sites:

This is the alternate name that Google web hosting is given and don’t get confused if these are shown in your search results. This is the place that will give you all the details about the hosting.


There are several features of the Google Web Hosting services:

  1. Easily usable features
  2. Site builder
  3. Dropping and Dragging services
  4. No prior knowledge of HTML is required
  5. N0 knowledge about Web Designing is required.

These are some of the features that come with the Google Web Hosting, but some other features are also there that you can have access to once you sign up for them. One great thing about hosting with Google is that it is completely free of cost, unlike other websites that charge you a fortune for every page or website you host.


There will be certain problems that you will have once you start using something new. But the problem regarding Google is that you won’t be able to own pages of your own. Because you have to redirect the whole process every time you want to open a page and thus Google owns every content that is posted on your page, blog or website.

Many reviews have said in the past that there are better companies that Google for hosting your services. When it’s a free hosting service, you are bound to have problems, and thus you should be very careful with what you plan on doing beforehand and also make sure to check all of the information clearly.